Friday, 15 November 2019

The Hypoglycaemia Hullaballoo

Yo everyone. So today ended up being an unexpectedly dramatic kinda day. At around 8:15am, someone knocked on my door, and when I opened it, my dad and mum were in brother Kev's room, and Dad was saying, "Something's wrong with Kev, we need to get him to the hospital." Turns out he'd gone into a hypoglycaemic state again, which wasn't the first time. But this time it seemed to be worse than before, as Kev was unable to even form words and couldn't stand up (compared to the time a few years ago when he was at least able to stand, even if the low blood sugar had rendered him zombiefied).

Thus began a whole escapade of trying to get Kev dressed (not easy when he's unresponsive and unable to even sit up on his bed), with Dad frantically asking him questions and him not replying. At a certain point Dad and I had to help him down the stairs, which was a task in and of itself. Dad nearly went toppling down with Kev in tow, what with my bro being a dead weight and all in his zonked-out state. Fortunately we managed (with great effort) to bring him downstairs and eventually into the car, but not before plying him with glucose drinks and honey water.

As all this was happening, my little doggy Kerbie was scampering around in excitement, jumping up and off Kev's bed, to the point that we had to tell her to not get in the way. Even downstairs, she ran circles around us... and it was only later that we considered that Kerbie hadn't been zooming around in excitement, but rather agitation and stress. After all, she's an intuitive one, that Kerbie. Ashley, on the other hand, slept right through... :P

Anyway. With Dad being so frantic, I opted to drive us to the nearest hospital, where Kev was promptly aided into a wheelchair and wheeled off for testing and whatnot. Fortunately, an hour or so of waiting later, he was back to almost-normal, the medics having given him a glucose drip and ensuring that he was recovering. You know my brother's back to being his own self when he starts complaining and griping about every little thing... only this time, my folks weren't especially unhappy to hear it!!

So this story ends today on a positive note, thank heavens, although in the spirit of full tragicomedy, I'd parked the car right outside the hospital gate without a parking ticket... and later on, when I went to check on the car, wouldn't you know it: we'd been fined. What, no leniency for an emergency situation?! Grr. Arrgh.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Kuching Pt 3

Here are official photos from our performance of Lost/Found in Kuching. All pics by Jee Photography. First up, at the Old Courthouse:

Then at Location X, which was a former supermarket that will (sadly) soon be demolished. It was quite an experience, doing a show in a site-specific location that had a lot of ambience and character!

That concludes my Kuching adventure. More updates on Lost/Found to come... nope, it ain't over yet!

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Kuching, Pt 2

Upon our arrival at Kuching airport.
Production meeting in the Old Courthouse venue.
Having coffee with my roomie Kenny.
Another shot of the entourage.
Sampling Dayak food at Lepau restaurant. Below: Rice
wrapped in banana leaves. The Dayak are an indigenous
people in Sarawak.

The biggest serving of hor fun I've ever seen! In a tomato-based
gravy, which is how it's served in Kuching.
Adry and I on the sampan boat to get layer cake!
View of the boat 'driver'.
Our violinist Andrea and Tria at Location X on Sunday.
More pics to come... specifically, of the performances! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Kuching, Pt 1

Hey all! Yikes, almost midway through November already, haha! What's been happening? Well, the bulk of October was taken up with rehearsals for my new show Lost/Found, which is actually a compendium of my short musicals written over the years, plus some original stuff added to thread it all together. We had rehearsals most weeknights and even an 8-hour-plus-long Sunday once; and a few days before we were due to go on tour to our first destination, Kuching in East Malaysia, I had a bout of the flu, which was as exciting as flus tend to be... but all in all, everything went swimmingly well, and the tour was a lot of fun!

The group of us (cast, director, choreographer, stage manager and co-musician) met at the ungodly hour of 5:45am on Wednesday, Oct 23, at the bus terminal in 1Utama to hop on the shuttle service to the budget terminal. Then it was a 9am flight, 2 hours or so long (which was too long for anxious old me), to Sarawak, where we landed safely and proceeded to check into our hotel. At least, most of us did; I ended up tagging along with Chris (director) and Adry (SM), as well as our host SL, to get some food and buy some materials for the staging in Kuching. At one of the stores, my eyes fell upon a cock-eyed stupid-looking stuffed chicken, who I promptly fell in love with and purchased. We named him Kuching in tribute to our tour, and Kuching became our official mascot in Kuching. (Fun fact: 'Kuching' actually means 'cat' in Malay, so in effect Kuching the Chicken was Cat the Chicken.)

Literally cock-eyed.
All in all we were in Kuching (the town, not the chicken) for six days, returning to KL on the following Monday night. We did four shows: three at The Old Courthouse, a lovely venue not far from the Meritin Hotel where we stayed (I bunked with the choreographer Kenny, who's a fun roommate to have because he seems to be an extroverted introvert like I am, and so, at the end of the day, we could both chill in the room without feeling the need to interact with each other. Bliss). The fourth show was held at a venue called Location X, which (fun fact) used to be an old supermarket but was shut down and the space transformed into an events location (soon to be demolished, sadly). Here are some photos:

Setting up the Old Courthouse performance space.
With our VIP after Friday night's show, Zee Avi.
Acting like the tourists that we were.
The rest of the time in Kuching was spent wandering about and exploring the vicinity of our hotel and performance spaces; shopping for traditional Sarawak layer cake, which included a trip across a small river via sampan boat to a small village; and eating waaaay too much kolo mee, haha!

I'll come back soon with more on this little trip (including performance photos and more pics), as well as what's coming up... don't go away!

View of the sampan boat and river to get to the layer cake!
To be continued...