Thursday, 14 March 2019

Heh, I'm Back!

Looks like I just can't keep away from this blog! I think it's also because I'm trying to cut back on writing on Facebook, so this is still a good way to keep track of what's been going on. Not like there's been that much happening, to be honest. Been back for about 5 weeks now, but for about a month of this time I've been nursing a gout flare-up, which hasn't been too bad but keeps waxing and waning in terms of intensity. I'm hopeful that I've finally got a handle of it and it will subside fully soon, but it's just been making me cranky and antisocial, and I was already cranky and antisocial to begin with!

Last Sunday Mum and I hopped on a bus and headed up to Penang for a couple of days to celebrate Grandma's 85th birthday, so that was nice. It was a way too quick trip, though I did manage to have a brief catch-up with Kev, Irinna and Dylan. Then before I knew it, we were back on the bus on Tuesday, and now it's pretty much back to the same ol', same ol'.

I gotta figure out in more concrete detail what I'll be doing in terms of work, though fortunately I've got a couple of creative projects lined up, so hopefully those will tide me over. And, of course, I have the forthcoming production of Dames & Dimes right round the corner. If you check out my website you'll be able to find more info. Meanwhile, here's the official poster:

Cool eh??

Okay, that's about all for now. I shall leave you with some photos of our time in Penang celebrating Grandma's birthday. And I'm certain I'll be back with more updates soon. Till then!

Grandma and her 'huge' cake!
Happy birthday to yoouuuuuu!!
At dinner. (Reminder to self: Being at the edge of the frame can add virtual kgs.)