Saturday, 1 December 2018

Scrapped, More Edging and Other Flashbacks

Hey all! Another of my monthly (by-monthly?) updates. What's new? Well, as of this coming Monday (3rd Dec ... how on earth is it December already?!) I'll be heading back home to Malaysia for a month-long break. Yup, apparently despite all the odds I'm still pursuing this PhD thing and will be back next year. From this point forth it's pretty much going to be a step-by-step, month-by-month thing, where at any point I might decide I don't want to keep going and just throw in the towel. It's just the way it's going to have to be.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to heading back and having a good rest. Meanwhile, I'm finishing tying up some loose ends here for the year, including... well, I had to get rid of my car. Basically a couple of nights ago, while I was driving home, the engine died abruptly and the car was left stalled in the middle of the highway nearby. Fortunately I wasn't far from home, so I managed to push the car onto the side of the road, and a kind stranger who saw me came running up to lend a hand.

The next day, my mate L decided to check out the car, and, failing to diagnose the problem with his limited mechanic skills, I had to fork out $300 to join the RAC so as to get some roadside assistance. Long story short, they towed the car to a workshop, determined it would cost quite a bit to get it fixed (in which case, it was more worthwhile for me to scrap it and deal with finding a new used car next year), and then charged me a further $170 to have it towed back to my house in Myaree. $470 — or in access of RM1,500 — to get a broken-down car moved from one spot to another without any repair. How about that!

As of 20 mins ago, a car scrapper came by to pick up the remains of my Peugeot and paid me $200 for the prospective spare parts. And that was the end of it. Byebye, car. You served me relatively well for two-odd years, and considering I paid $1,000 for it in 2016, I suppose it was an investment well-spent. As for the future of my vehicular needs, let's see what happens when we get back from holidays. It's 2019 Nick's problem, arf.

What else? It's just been a month or so of finishing up the music for my new project, Dames & Dimes, which was commissioned by Cempaka Schools and will make its World Premiere sometime early next year. So a lot of my time has been spent finishing up the composing and scoring work for it. As of this week, I'm glad to report all the work has been done, so that's one more completed project under my belt! In the meantime, rehearsals and production work has been underway for the upcoming Malaysian re-staging of The Edge by theatrethreesixty. I'm very, very excited for this production, especially since it celebrates 10 years since Chris Ling designed and directed the 2008 workshop staging, and he's also the man behind this new production!! Whoo-hooo!!

Speaking of The Edge, I submitted it for a Broadway producer's "Pitch Book", and now it's been featured in the line-up of new musicals that producers could potentially look into staging. How exciting! Fingers crossed someone will be interested... ;)

Click on it for bigger view!

Another noteworthy moment since my last post: Oct 20, celebrated my housemate's birthday and presented him with a fun personalised children's book as well as a photo book of him and his 15-year-old puppy Digby, which he (my housemate) absolutely loved!

And other highlights: hanging out with Carol, Scotty, Bernie and Mikey at the Christmas markets in the city; lunch with my mate Liam yesterday, which was a treat as he's usually so busy; receiving complimentary cinnamon rolls from Spirals Cinnamon, a bakery in Mt Hawthorne, courtesy of my friend Cheryl in KL whose aunt owns the Perth-based bakery with its yummy goods (side note: that was in response to a particularly bad mood week that resulted in me publicly asking, on FB, people to visit me at my house address. I ended up receiving a box of Krispy Kremes from Levon and Alissa; a visit by Sarah and Nina with their pup Shiro, which led to dinner at their place and awesome catch-ups with our mutual friend JT; and, of course, Cheryl's delivery of the comforting cinnamon rolls). And, I suppose, importantly, ticking the boxes for me to return to Perth next year to toil away on the doctorate. Whoo-hoo.

Well, I guess that's all for now! I'll aim to update further when I'm back home, but don't hold me to that, LOL. Till then... see ya!

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