Monday, 3 September 2018

Steamboats, Hot Tubs and Staying Power

Hey all! Aw man, once again time has just zipped by, and before I know it, it's already September! Crazy, ain't it? Well, let me update you on what's been going on. Firstly, you know how I previously mentioned that I was getting ready to pack up and leave good ol' Perth, because I was done with the PhD? I'd even reached the point of selling a bunch of my unwanted items... side tables, mini fridge, old portable air-conditioner and what not!

Then, about 2 weeks or so ago, I had a chat to my dear friend Mel at uni, which led to — surprise, surprise — the possibility and probability that I'm not leaving Perth just yet! Ya-huh, it looks at this point that I'm going to give this PhD thing another go, even though I'd be embarking on a new topic and new direction. Couple with that a new supervisor, and I might as well be right at the start of this PhD (ad)venture, not past the halfway mark!

I won't divulge too much info about the new subject because it's pretty hush-hush and the topic is public, i.e. someone else could very well steal the idea if they were so inclined... but I'll be meeting with Helena, my new supervisor, this coming Friday and will be proposing this subject to her, so wish me luck. More on this as and when it unfolds!

What else? On Saturday, Aug 23, the Gang met up at Bernie's house for a somewhat-shrouded-in-secrecy steamboat and games night organised by Beattie. It was a fundraiser, so we all got to pitch in and collect some funds for Beattie in aid of project-building in Myanmar, and all in all it was a fun night with some yummy steamboat, good company and a fun mini-brain-teaser boardgame called King Dominion. Here are some pics from the night. We should do get-togethers more often!

Mmm steamboat!
Serving it up!
Game in progress!
All hail Queen Bernie, the winner of the games night!
And her trusty steed... Rudolph??
I've also been catching up with more friends from uni, now that I've managed to move past the sinking feeling that I had been neglected and ignored by the uni community (fun fact, turns out most people have their own lives to live!). I managed to have a movie night with Justin and Claire, who I've not hung out with in 10 months since our previous Harry Potter night (we kept the theme going by watching Fantastic Beasts instead this time around!); also met up with Sarah and Ellin and the theatre folks last Wednesday on campus; and last Friday I picked up my good friend Michael L from New York, as he's back in town for two weeks doing some master classes at WAAPA. It was great to catch up with him again, and he's re-introduced me to some of the kids at WAAPA last Saturday night when we caught the 3rd-year Musical Theatre batch's final production of Sunday in the Park with George (a very good production).

Saturday was also a busy social day as I hung out with my dear Plant Lover Housemate at his brother's place, where I'm increasingly feeling like one of the boys, the Gay Flower amongst all the Straight Thorns, hahahaha. We had some beers and just chilled before I headed to my friend Mel's birthday party (same Mel as in paragraph two, who helped me rethink the PhD). It was a Mexican-themed party, so there was the prospect of tequilas, but I couldn't have any because I had to head to WAAPA to catch Sunday... so, not one to miss out on free booze, I naturally drove back to Mel's after the show and hung out with her and the remaining guests, who turned out were family members, making me the only outsider in the group, LOL. Still, there was tequila, and an amazing nacho chip dip, and — circa midnight — an awesome HOT TUB!

Sexiest photo evah!!
Well, I'll pause for now but come back soon for more updates, k? Gonna work on more music now, motivated and inspired thanks to the WAAPA kids and Michael L's positive affirmation of my work. Take care and check back in again soon!