Thursday, 12 July 2018

Wrists, Collar Bones and Beer

Wassssssup! Not much for me, no real new updates regarding the packing-up-and-leaving situation as outlined previously, but the decision is definite that I will be leaving. I've discovered that I am entitled to some annual leave as well as personal leave, so I will be applying for those and hopefully that should buy me some time, a month or two or hopefully more, so I don't have to rush to get all my stuff packed up and whatnot. I'm not really thinking too much about this right now, to be honest, so I guess until my next update, no news is good news... :)

A couple of dramatic happenings this week. Firstly, last Sunday, I hopped on back to Facebook after a prolonged period away and was just in time to see an acquaintance of mine post a photo of her bloodied wrist. The poor girl had self-harmed! Argh!! She lives about 30 mins away, so I wasn't sure what exactly I could do, apart from post a message asking if anyone closer to her could check in on her. My mate Bob, who's back in KL and who happens to be her BFF, was also super concerned (that's an understatement!) and was trying to get help. Fortunately, we were shortly informed that her father was with her, so that was a collective sigh of relief from everyone. Rest well and recover, hun. Nobody/nothing is worth that much pain. Big hugs.

The whole experience made me think of how useless one can feel in that kinda situation... me, half an hour away; also, not being very close to this friend, do I rush over? What would that do, apart from potentially endangering myself and others on the way? What if there were many people there with her... would I just be adding to the mass? Or was it enough to send out a message asking other people for help, like I did and Bob could only do?

I came away from that (rather brief) incident not shaken, exactly, but made thoughtful about my own struggles with depression. If I felt this way about someone who I'm not very close to, how would others feel if I were to self-harm (not like I've ever had the "courage", word used ironically, to do so)? Could I put my family, closer friends, etc through that kind of worry and grief? No, I don't think so. So... yeah, it kinda puts things in perspective, a bit of a reality check. I've been struggling too, but not to the extent of hurting myself, thankfully; and I hope, pray, that my friend and others who might be going through the same thing will be able to find much-needed support and solace from those they love.

Also, I think I'll stay off FB for a little while longer.

* * *

Then, on Monday, my dear housemate Plant Lover went out to his bro's for the afternoon, which was par for the course. He usually comes back before dinnertime, but on this occasion I didn't hear from him even after 8:30pm. It was strange but I was only mildly concerned. Later he texted me to say he had just been discharged from the hospital as he had broken his collar bone. Turns out he had played frisbee with his bro and a mate, and then did a dive, hit the ground, and heard a loud crunch. That was followed by passing out, twice, and an ambulatory pickup to the nearby hospital. Doh!!

So the past few days has been poor Plant Lover with an arm in a sling, looking all the worst for wear. Yesterday morning I drove him to the hospital at 6:30am so he could go in for surgery. Now he's asleep on the couch, uncomfortably so, and luckily for him his family has been round to look after him, plus he has the Best Housemate in the World who's more than happy to help him out as best as possible, haha! I really don't mind, especially given how much I truly do adore the guy, aww shucks. I sometimes think maybe I should go home and become a nurse or something. Something noble and giving like that. Except I really don't have a background in science, much less medicine and health and all that. Oy, did I miss my calling...??

Cue creepy stalkery music: Soft kitty, warm kitty,
little ball of fur... happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr...!

* * *

Let's go back to Sunday! It was a good afternoon out when Carol, Scotty and I headed to Applecross for lunch and beers! Yay! We ended up at Grill'd for burgers and then chased it up with a pint at the nearby bar, before heading to Gelare for ice-cream and waffles, mmmm goood! 

Look how happy we are. Thanks for the pic, Carol Wehhhhhhh!!!!
That's all for now... check back in for more stories and updates soon. Till then!

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