Thursday, 19 April 2018

Hellooooo, Cottrill!

Hey all! Whew, sorry for the lack of updates... it has been a whirlwind of activity lately, both good and bad! Let's start with the good... or rather, the bittersweet. I'm out of the house on North Lake Road! Whoo-hoooo! Yup, as of Saturday, 14th April, Plant Lover Housemate (Bren) and I got our stuff out of that house and into this new place in Cottrill Street, where I'd picked up the keys from the real estate agent's the day before and had done a massive-ish clean of the entire place. It felt like a step backwards after the modernity of North Lake Road, and it's definitely a humbler house. But once Bren and I got our gear and furniture in — an arduous 12-hour day of moving and lifting furniture which left me achy and stiff and sore for days — it began to feel much more like a home.

Ping-pong table and lemon tree in the courtyard.
Outside sofas to relax on!
One view of the kitchen/dining/laundry area.
Living room, with tiny monitor serving as a placeholder for our new big-screen TV (hopefully!)
Another view of dining and kitchen.
My humble bedroom. Hope to do more in terms of decor soon!
My study/office/studio! Out of view:
a comfy faux leather recliner chair!
The original idea was that I would have the master bedroom and Bren would have one of the smaller rooms. But somewhere along the way, I'd asked if I could have the spare bedroom (it's a 3-room house) as a study, and Bren said sure. The only issue then was that he later felt uneasy with the idea of me having the equivalent of three rooms in the house (if you count the master bedroom as 2 rooms), while he only had one. So he expressed that concern very nicely to me, and we mutually agreed that he would have the master bedroom, while I would have the two smaller rooms; one as my bedroom (almost strictly: no screens, apart from my phone, which I still intend to wean myself off of once I'm in there!), and the other as my home studio/study/office space. I'm happy to report it's worked out very nicely for us!

As of this Tuesday, just a couple of days ago, we had NBN internet set up and running in our place. A funny story: Bren had asked what we'd like to name our wifi connection, and we'd come up with "Chooey and the Bren", hahaha! So we'd gone about the house singing: "Chooey and the Bren! It's Chooey and the Bren!"... only he then went and called it "Choochootrain" instead. "Why not?" he exclaimed laughingly when I jokingly protested. "Choochootrain! I like it! Don't you like it?" I had to concede that it was pretty cute. Later we had to set up a second wifi connection (something to do with ghz and speeds, don't ask me) and he decided to call it Choochoobren, which I approved of, heheh!

So that's the positive news with regards to the housing. The bad stuff... well, that will be coming up shortly. I'll leave you with this photo of Bren's weed pants, which I got him for Christmas. Why the photo, you ask? My reply: "Why not?" ARF. ARF. More to come... stay tuned!

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