Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Zoos, Platters, Doggies and Beaches, oh my!!

Here are some of the things I've been up to the past week or so, apart from working on music for my mystery Perth project that will shortly be announced; and getting my car fixed last Friday so I'm at least mobile again, even though the A/C is still busted due to a faulty air compressor, le sigh! Anyway!! (Also: I really ought to get myself back to uni at some stage and re-focus on that PhD thing.. but until then...)

* Got the best early birthday pressie evaaah, thanks to my mate Levon, who gave me a one-year unlimited-access pass to the Perth Zoo! Whoo-hooooo! Last Friday he and his partner took me on my inaugural visit there, and it was a lot of fun! The zoo's a really cool place to be (literally, too, since it's very shady, with lots of pleasant spaces to work in!) and I think I'll be making it a regular haunt of mine! Here's a collage of our visit!

* I recently bought a second-hand set of dining chairs and table for our living room in this house, plus some potted plants to make the space homier. Unfortunately I suspect I'm the only one in this house who actually appreciates this. Oh well.

* Been spending time with Carol Wehhhh and Scotty, with lunch last Saturday at Garden City (where I was guilted into having a Sumo Salad, hahaaha!), followed by dinner on Monday night at their home while watching the Oscars. Then yesterday I joined them for an Italian dinner, where Scott and I feasted on this sumptuous platter (followed by ice cream/waffles at Gelare)... 

...or at least, it would've been sumptuous, had I not had a 5pm fish and chips meal with Plant Lover Housemate Bren at the beach not long before, hahaha! Speaking of which, I got to spend some quality time with Bren and his 13-year-old doggy Digby at South Beach in Freo yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Not just because hangout time with Plant Lover is pretty rare, lol, but also because Digby is so freakin' adorbs that you just wanna pinch his fuzzy little cheeks and gobble him up, om nom nom nom nom nom nom! I'm going to leave you with this collection of pics from our day in the sun. I think they're worthy of being individualised, as opposed to collaged, and you can click on 'em for fuller views if you wish. Enjoy!!

On the way to/from the beach!


Bren found a starfish. Digby's captivated by its star quality!

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