Friday, 23 February 2018

Reunions, Returns and Men in Uniform!

Hey everyone! How's it going? I'm back in Perth, having arrived early yesterday morning following an overnight flight from KL on Wednesday night (12am Thursday). It was a pleasant enough flight, and I managed to train myself to reduce my phobia of flying a little bit, by reminding myself not to "feed the fear" each time the plane does a little wibble-wobble. The immigration process was a bit of a bitch, what with long luggage-collection waits and the whole dog-sniffing checkout (though the doggy was cute). But all in all, it was a good return to Perth. Now if only I could've slept on the plane, instead of touching down and wandering about the airport through customs looking like some red-eyed, bleary-faced zombie. Oh well.

The housemates seem to be pleased that I'm back, and it's a relief that the guy who caused all that conflict last year has moved out. Only thing is, a new dude has moved in. I just met him last night, and let's just say he's an attractive straight bloke who's working in some form of law enforcement. Oh lawdy, lawdy, lawdy. I need to have a word with my existing housemates about allowing a man in uniform to move in!!!! OY!

In all seriousness though, the dude seems to be a good (if assertive, which probably comes with the work territory) guy, and we hit it off pretty well last night. So yeah, this should hopefully be smooth-sailing from now on, fingers tightly crossed. I was also really warm-fuzzied when Plant Lover Housemate told me yesterday: "I've missed you, Chooey. After you went home, I thought, 'I miss Chooey'." AWWWWWW. Such a sweetheart. He's still a plant-loving hermit, but bless him.

What else? Before I came home, I spent a couple of days with Little Jo who was visiting from Singapore. It was a good time! As usual we had too much to eat... LOL. On Thursday, our dear friends Josie and Trevor (from Perth) visited, and we managed a catch-up over lunch as well. I'll post up pics of that reunion when I have them, but in the meantime, here's a pic of little Jo and me, freaking out over a platter of pork belly and ribs! Argh, pig-out city!!

We always do this to ourselves! Gaaarrgggh!
What else? Hmmm I can't think of anything, lol. I've spent yesterday and today just catching up on zzzz's and I'm also starting to feel under the weather, which I attribute to the flight over (started getting sneezy then) and also the change of climate and what-have-you. On top of this, my car battery is completely flat dead, which serves me right for not asking one of my housies to start the engine every now and then! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to get it sorted, won't we? Social Housemate has hooked up the battery to an electric car charger, so we shall see if that yields positive results.

Well, I guess that's about all for now, until and unless I happen to remember mo--- OH WAIT. I just remembered!! When I got in at about 7:30 yesterday morning, the house was a friggin' pig sty!! I kid you not! ARGH!! I mean, I guess it could have been worse, but man oh man, these boys are such slobs, it's not even funny! (In reality it didn't really upset me TOO badly. I'm mostly chuckling, good-naturedly, about it... although being told that the dustbin lid was out in the sun because they'd forgotten to bring the bins out and maggots had taken root was not a nice thing to be told!). But hey, don't take my word for it, here's a nice little 5-minute-plus video!

This all resulted in me being the ol' Asian maid (a derogatory statement I'm putting on myself; none of them have ever called me that, so it's semi in jest) and giving the house a massive clean. And it also resulted in some reprimanding words via the household group Whatsapp chat, where I learnt the abovementioned fact that New Housemate is assertive simply by the tone of his response. (Apparently he's also a clean freak, a fact Plant Lover Housemate opposes, so time will tell. This could get interesting.)

All in all, though, I'm in good spirits and looking forward to what this year will bring, including the previously mentioned new Perth project that's happening in May (which I'm still not allowed to officially talk about). Rest assured when I have permission to reveal the news officially, I will. Until then, stay cool and check back in on my blog for more updates soon, k?! Cheerio!

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