Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Choirs, Queasiness and De-Cluttering!

Lately I've been finding myself lethargic, easily queasy after meals, headachy and generally under the weather. Went to the doc's yesterday and turns out I have a pretty high blood pressure, nooooo! Don't know why. Stress. Genetics (both parents have it). Too much salt (namely junk food, namely potato chips). But yeah, the figures were 1xx over 1xx ... don't remember the precise numbers, but considering that they were both three digits, I don't think that's anything to be proud of, argh. So as of yesterday I've been put on hypertension meds. Talk about the joys of getting older, eh?? Le sigh.

We've lately been de-cluttering the house – an exercise that's been a looong time coming – and my goodness, what a lotta junk we have stored up! My mum had old perfume bottles and half-used toiletries from a decade or more ago; plastic containers filled with old shopping bags (not even the stuff that came in those bags, but the bags themselves!); old historical romance novels with half-naked dudes and overly needy blonde women with unrealistically luscious locks covering their near-exposed bosoms on the covers. Dad had souvenir items from his former Public Relations events – pewter trinkets; electronics (including a Thomson audio cassette Walkman-like player that still worked!); old Parker pens and other stationery... all of which he managed to bring down to Cash Converters and got a nice RM100 for his effort, LOL!

Somewhere in the clutter were audio cassette tapes; old CDs and DVDs with titles like Line Dancing Classics and Learn Easy French!; a forgotten carton of ancient Christmas decorations; and so on and so forth and whathaveyou. And I... well, I had about a million books. Maybe not literally, but there sure were a lot of them, and for the past few days I've been sorting them out into little piles and getting rid of them through Facebook 2nd-hand book pages and whatnot. I'm glad to say I, too, have made a few hundred ringgit from this little exercise, and the house is looking much better for it!

Should've thought to take a "before" photo... this is AFTER clearing out
and tidying all the books that used to occupy this space!
The clutter downstairs!
All these books used to live upstairs in the first photo! 
What else is new? On Saturday night, I attended a lovely dinner to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Philharmonic Society of Selangor, a community choral group. It was held at the Corus Hotel in KL, and it was a great night, with me playing the piano to accompany some of the singers as they performed selections from Guys and Dolls, My Fair Lady, and - the highlight of the evening, if you ask me! - the "unveiling" of a new song I'd written specially for the choir, Music & Laughter, which also happens to be their theme for the year! (Actually, I'd proposed the title first, and then it was decided that it would also make for a fitting theme, arf arf!) We had an eight-course meal, and all in all it was a wonderful night out:

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I really oughta wear ties more often... :)
When I'm allowed to, I'll share a recording of Music & Laughter. Till then, keep checking in for more updates! Bye for now!

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