Sunday, 7 January 2018

Callbacks, Clouds and Contemplation

Yo, what's been happening? Haha, not much. Although yesterday (Saturday) I got on Skype and was "present" for the callbacks for auditions for my Perth production, which will be happening this May. Still a bit hush-hush, but all will be revealed in good time. Still, I'm glad to say we managed to find most of the cast, which is highly encouraging. Just a few more loose ends to tie up and we'll have our performers! :)

Not much else to report. I'm working hard on another new musical number for an upcoming project (not the same one as above; once again I'm embargoed from saying too much, but all will be revealed), and am running a little behind schedule, but I'm thinking I'll be on course soon enough.

Meanwhile, I've been wanting to upgrade my music-making capabilities for the longest time by getting myself some realistic-sounding, studio-quality sounds (e.g. orchestral instruments that actually sound authentic, kinda like what they'd use for telly or lower-budget movies, haha), and I'm happy to report that as of yesterday I've begun working with EastWest Composer Cloud, which allows you to download their awesome selection of professional-quality sounds for an affordable-ish monthly fee. This is heaps better than having to fork out money by the four and five digits to own the software, let me tell you! I'm excited to finally be able to create better-sounding tracks (hopefully)! More as and when I learn the ropes and get some stuff created.

Well, that's all for now. I leave you with this photo of me and Ashley, which I took the other night. (I've been spending lots of time with little Kerbie too, but Ashley's a slower-moving dog, which makes it easier to take pics of her!) Anyway. This is what happens when you give your doggy a cuddle while she's apparently in the midst of contemplating the meaning of life... :)

Look at that cutie little face! (Ashley's, I mean.) Arf! Till next time!

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