Sunday, 14 January 2018

Broadway, Baby! (Not There Yet, But Someday...) ;)

Hey all! So another week's gone by, haha! I'm still enjoying my time at home; I must say this is the most positive I've felt being stuck at home in a while. By "stuck" I mean I don't have a car, so most days are spent in the house or the neighbourhood or (thankfully) the new nearby Starling Mall, arf.

But I'm feeling good about it, and I'm keeping productive. I've spent the last week composing, programming and recording the song for my Malaysian project scheduled for 2019 (still limited on what I can say), but it has a clear New Yawk/Broadway theme, so I'm gonna be a sneaky Nicky and share a minute or so of what I've been working on here! If you've checked this out on Facebook, here's a bonus: there's an extra 20 seconds or so added on to this sneak-peek, so don't gloss over it, haha!

 Tomorrow my brother gets checked into the hospital for his cataract operation, so we're all praying everything goes well. He'll be undergoing surgery on Tuesday and getting discharged on Wednesday. So Mum and Dad are understandably a bit anxious, though they're coping well. I'll come back with more updates on that, and other matters, soon. Until then, enjoy the music. All work by yours truly — music, lyrics, arrangements, programming and dodgy vocals. ;)

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