Sunday, 31 December 2017

Jingles and New Year's Eve!

It's NY Eve and I've hit 35 blog posts this year, hahaha! Officially the lowest out of all the years, but I'm aiming to do better next year! How's everyone doing? I haven't been up to much since Christmas; mostly chilling at home, occasionally catching up with friends such as Dominic briefly to catch his theatre troupe performing their Christmas Small Stage IX show; Alvin and Karynn a couple of nights ago at Dome in Bangsar (where I could only partially hear them because I'd gone swimming for the first time in ages that afternoon, and surprise surprise, I ended up with one of my classic waterclogged ears); and yesterday I met with Joe and Faridah at KLPAC to give them a New Year's fruit basket, which was quite a lovely albeit brief meeting I thought. Shame I forgot to take a pic of the fruit basket, but it was a nice one. :)

Speaking of swimming (and fruit baskets, HAHA!), here's something I posted on FB this week:

I leave you with this video on Youtube of an ad that I wrote the music and arrangement for. Quite chuffed with having my official first commercial composition, even though admittedly the concept and lyrics (very localised) are pretty cheesy, LOL. But that's what they (the client and ad agency) were going for, I guess! (Much like my love for Fuller House; it's cute but cringe-worthy, arf!) The more interesting aspect is the amount of phobic comments on the Youtube page itself (some in Malay, so not necessarily understood by all). Ah well! Here's to more commercial work next year! Enjoy the vid!

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