Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Inspect My Ass!

So why am I frustrated with the people I live with, you ask? Well, let's review this message, which I today sent out to the household Whatsapp chat group a couple of hours before we were due to have our property inspected by the fastidious landlady. Plant Lover and Other Nick had done, collectively, less than an hour's work between them, hurriedly and non-committally carried out because Social Housemate and I had repeatedly asked and reminded them to. Subsequently, today's rant:


I would like it on the record that for this inspection, I

* bought and mixed 20l of the weedkilling mixture
* spent hours spraying the entirety of the back, side and front yard - every single line of the paving - as well as the perimeter of the astroturf
* manually pulled up weeds from the paving, perimeter and flower beds
* removed fresh weeds that emerged later, as recently as this arvo
* went about the entire house to remove stains on walls in common areas with sugar soap
* cleaned corners and light fixtures of insects and webs
* did a preliminary vacuum, oven cleaning, wipedown of cabinets, and cleaned upstairs shower and bathroom before the cleaner confirmed yesterday's final session
* co-organised the cleaner with Mlad and sorted out payment (which I expect to be reimbursed for ASAP)
* moved the fucking timber from the wall as per Tony's directive weeks ago
* reswept sections of the yard
* TODAY re-vacuumed and re-cleaned the floor which had gravy stains by the oven, and Dorito chips, outside dirt and scuff marks by the sofa and television.

I don't understand why tasks weren't distributed more equally when everyone should have received Tony and Karen's messages via text sent to [Social Housemate] and via email. Four people live in this house and yet it feels like only two of us give a shit about making sure this place is up to standard for an inspection that happens once in every 90 days.

For the next inspection I probably won't be in the country or would have just got back, and I expect to do significantly less, if anything at all. If we all want to live in a nice house but can't be stuffed maintaining it, that's just bullshit. Grow up, be responsible adults, stop being sooks and show some fucking initiative, please.

Also, while I'm having a rant, I wasn't going to say anything but [Other Nick], it wasn't smart to have a movie night the night before inspection. It could have been done tonight or any other night. You might say you didn't make a mess, but having other people over means the floor gets dirtied with shoes worn in the house and loses its shine.

The cleaners spent three hours yesterday sprucing up the place for inspection, and immediately after you wet the entire upstairs bathroom without considering the floor mats, cooked, and had people over. Of course we should be allowed to go about our lives after a cleaning but when there's an inspection coming up, it would be good to exercise a bit of conscientiousness and common sense.

And please, everyone, communicate. That's what this chat group is for - check it regularly, and for fuck's sake, respond. This isn't a system designed for you to miss messages or deliberately ignore them.

Okay, done with rant.

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