Thursday, 1 June 2017

Whoop Whoop Whooping!

Hey all! Whoops - another three weeks have flown since my last update, heheh. What's been happening? Just quickly, I'm neck-deep in intensive rehearsals for this year's Children's Theatre show under Jenny... her very last CT show at Murdoch, actually, since she's officially retiring by the end of this year! We're in the week where there are nightly rehearsals in preparation for shows next week, and while it's been a mostly smooth process, there has been a significant bump in the road in that one of the cast members revealed yesterday that she's been diagnosed with whooping cough, which is contagious and dangerous for children and especially babies! So we're now faced with a situation that, according to Jenny, we've never been in before, i.e. the possibility of quarantine and hopefully unlikely cancellation of performances to protect the kids! Argh what a mess!

The next few days will reveal what the plan of action will be. But in the meantime, rehearsals continue because, as they say, the show must (will?) go on! Here are a couple of rehearsal shots:

What else? Oh yeah, of significance is the fact that I flew back to KL on May 11 and returned to Perth on May 22nd, arf! The reason, of course, is the Opening Night / World Premiere of the Cempaka musical Alice's Wonderland, which was pretty fantastic! I'll come back and post more about the show in greater detail, but yeah, 11 days back home were pretty cool, although I came down with a bout of the flu and had to be confined to my bed for a few days, groan! I blame the crappy weather and the change of climate and whatnot. Still, it was lovely to see the fam again, and especially sped some quality time with Ashley and Kerbie!

Back in Perth a couple of Mondays ago and I've been solidifying my bond with the housemates here, which I'm pretty happy with. I'm especially getting along swimmingly with Social Housemate and newbie Other Nick, who I adore but who can also be pretty annoying, LOL!!! Nah, I jest; we get along really well, and it almost feels like we've been mates for ages even though it's only been just over a month. Yesterday (Tuesday) Other Nick and I went to Freo dog beach with his elderly dog Jackson. Here's a lovely montage. The pic on the top is of a bench that was erected in loving memory of Other Nick's dad... Jackson's name is even on it.

Speaking of dogs, Bren, my plant-loving housemate, brought his 12-year-old doggy Digby around last Saturday for a visit. Such an adorable and child-like bundle of fun, he was! And Bren turns into this super-affectionate softy when he's around ol' Diggers, arf arf! Here are some pics:

Well, that's about all for now. I'll come back with more updates on the Children's Theatre situation as well as throwbacks to Alice in KL soon. Till then...!

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