Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Judi's Return, Pt 1: Steamboated!

So last week was a lot of fun, because JUDI WAS BACK from the UK to visit and keep us company!! YAAAAY!!! She and Adrian were back for a little while, and we (the Gang) hung out, doing – among other things – a steamboat at the Plottkes (where I'm housesitting while they're away); a high tea at a lovely garden cafe somewhere north-ish; Chinese food at a restaurant near Taurus, which was the previous Asian food restaurant we used to enjoy (circa 12 years ago) but which we've since moved on from, preferring, instead, Bamboo restaurant a couple of doors down, which (PLOT TWIST) is apparently owned by the former owners of Taurus! WOW!!!

Here are a whole bunch of photos, because photos tell a thousand words or whatever the ol' phrase is. Really had a blast hanging out. Really miss Judi and we all wish she'd come back, WAAAAH!!!!! First up: steamboat night at Chris and Jade's (minus Chris and Jade)! ;) More photo recaps to come!

Bernie and Beattie!
Mmmm, steamboat!
Mmmmm! Balls and such!! Hehe. Balls.
Me and Scotty. Eeek, edge-of-frame distortion, shriek!
Ade and Judi, hehe!
Oh look! My new housemate Other Nick joined us!
All the pretty ladies!
Heehee, cute!

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