Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Judi's Return Pt 4: Speaking Asian

Here's a cute little video of us during pizza night at Carol's on Wednesday, where at a certain point Judi, Carol and I tried to teach Bernie and Scott how to speak all Asian-like...

Judi's Return Pt 3: Bamboo'ed!

Pictures of us having Chinese dinner at Bamboo restaurant. We also had pizza dinner at Carol's last Wednesday (3rd May) and in the city at Hong Kong BBQ (Thursday, 4th May) before Judi flew off back to the UK, but for some reason we didn't take that many photos then, awww. Never mind. Here we are anyway!

Judi's Return Pt 2: Getting High (Tea!)

Here's us at high tea/lunch on Saturday, 29 April, a pleasant afternoon of eating sandwiches and scones and cake, with tea and coffee; followed by a trip to Galleria Shopping Centre for more coffee, LOL! The night ended with us going to Bamboo Restaurant in ... Willetton, I think? ... followed a movie night at home watching Moana, which was fun. Here are pics!!

Neek and Joooodi

Cakes and finger sandwiches.
Nyun nyum!

Silly spoon shenanigans.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Judi's Return, Pt 1: Steamboated!

So last week was a lot of fun, because JUDI WAS BACK from the UK to visit and keep us company!! YAAAAY!!! She and Adrian were back for a little while, and we (the Gang) hung out, doing – among other things – a steamboat at the Plottkes (where I'm housesitting while they're away); a high tea at a lovely garden cafe somewhere north-ish; Chinese food at a restaurant near Taurus, which was the previous Asian food restaurant we used to enjoy (circa 12 years ago) but which we've since moved on from, preferring, instead, Bamboo restaurant a couple of doors down, which (PLOT TWIST) is apparently owned by the former owners of Taurus! WOW!!!

Here are a whole bunch of photos, because photos tell a thousand words or whatever the ol' phrase is. Really had a blast hanging out. Really miss Judi and we all wish she'd come back, WAAAAH!!!!! First up: steamboat night at Chris and Jade's (minus Chris and Jade)! ;) More photo recaps to come!

Bernie and Beattie!
Mmmm, steamboat!
Mmmmm! Balls and such!! Hehe. Balls.
Me and Scotty. Eeek, edge-of-frame distortion, shriek!
Ade and Judi, hehe!
Oh look! My new housemate Other Nick joined us!
All the pretty ladies!
Heehee, cute!

Wandering Home for Wonderland!

Hey all! Rebounding from a little mood downturn; let's not dwell on it, arf arf! I'm looking forward to this Thursday when I'll be hopping on a flight back home to KL to catch Friday night's World Premiere of my new musical, the collaboration with Cempaka Schools entitled Alice's Wonderland. Check out these couple of posters as well as pics of the orchestra in rehearsal. More details on the FB event page. I'll post more pics as and when! More updates to come too.