Sunday, 30 April 2017

Yo Heave Ho!!

So yeah! The main creative thing I'd gotten up to over the last few weeks has been Home At Last: A Toy's Journey, which was a children's theatre play written by Jenny and produced at Studio 411 (formerly the Drama Workshop) at Murdoch Uni. We did four shows (one of which my new housemate Other Nick attended and said he enjoyed — more on him in the previous post below!). It was a lot of fun, with a fairly intensive rehearsal period and just a few select (and experienced) cast members, including myself on the keyboard/piano.

The shows ran on April 22 and 23 (last week), and I'm glad to say it was a pretty successful run! Basically it was an original story with characters inspired by the real-life toys of refugee children who had brought their toys into Australia but lost them along the way. These toys are now stored in the WA museum. Arif and Audrey Satar were part of our team, and they were the artist-researchers who have been doing research into the toys at the museum over the past few years. Here are some pics, as well as a vid of us in performance (a surprising number of photos of yours truly... stuffed toys were the major theme of the show!).

Some of the cast with their toy counterparts.
Me and MY toy counterpart!
In a snuggly mood.
So fluffeh!
Squawky the Singing Seagull says hello!
The Toys' Journey a.k.a. Yo Heave Ho from the show:

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