Thursday, 9 March 2017

Home Sweet Homo

Hey everyone. Whew. I'm back. Can't believe it's March already... where has the time gone?? For that matter, where did my month in Malaysia go?? Ha! I guess time really does fly when you're recuperating! So yeah, obviously I'm now back in Perth; flew back in a week ago on March 1 and have been getting back into the swing of things, including getting re-settled back at uni as well as getting used to living with my housemates once again, LOL. It's been fine for the most part as two of them were away on holidays, leaving me alone with the Plant-Smoking Antisocial Housemate (PSAH for short). Good news: one night PSAH decided to share some of his plant, and thus we actually bonded, and now PSAH should technically be PSSAH: Plant-Smoking Semi Antisocial Housemate, as he's been opening up a lot lately and we're actually connecting quite comfortably. So yay for that!

On the down side, the dude I had the heart-to-heart chat with (see here) has decided to move out. Now, I know I'm being a little illogical, but it kinda bums me out as I sort of feel I must've contributed to that decision. I mean, think about it: the dude lives here for years; I  move in for three months or thereabouts; I have that heart-to-heart chat with him; and next thing I know he's decided to move out? Yikes. Sorry if I wrecked things, mate! No, I know it's ridiculous for me to blame myself, and I'm telling myself I can't blame myself for other people's decisions, but honestly the timing of it is just suspect. Still, as Terry said, back when I caught up with him back home: "So what?" As in, so what if he's moving out? So what if I played a part in it, or didn't? So what? Good point, Terry. So what?

So... I've been back a week and it's been kinda tumultuous, to be honest. I'm physically unwell; I suspect it's exhaustion due to the (hush hush) procedure I underwent about four weeks ago. Right now as I sit here I'm coughing with a sore throat, but hopefully I'm on the mend. Sadly, with the downward spiral in physical health also came a downward spiral in mental health, and I've been pretty bummed for the past few days, struggling to see things optimistically once again. Yesterday was particularly bad, which led to this fascinating little Facebook post:


Fortunately things are better today, but yeah, it's been rough. It hasn't helped that while I was back home post-procedure, I had to work on the music for an upcoming musical here in Perth which I'd committed to back in November. The problem was, I was so exhausted and unmotivated that I found it a challenge coming up with anything solid for the team. Cut to: February gone, and I'm back in Perth, and last week I still was struggling with it only to come up with bubkus, so I had to tell them that I had to pull out of the project, leaving them completely in the lurch as their show was/is due to go up in May. Not my finest hour, but... I think I had to prioritise myself in this scenario. And then I emailed two of the dudes involved to apologise and never got a reply, and I think, all in all, these many matters have contributed towards my emotional spiral.

It hasn't been all bad though. Last weekend Carol, Scotty and I headed to Applecross for dinner at Terazza followed by waffles and ice cream at Gelare. And then just last Tuesday we headed to Garden City to catch a movie, Hidden Figures, which, by the way, was really, really good. So yay to old, dependable, faithful friends! Huzzah!

Ah well, I'm going to leave this here for now... I don't think much else happened back home or in the past seven days that's more blog-worthy than what I've already written here, arf arf. If I remember anything I'll post about it... but for now, it's off to bed (read: television!) and try to chillax and get better, physically and emotionally. Take care all!

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