Friday, 31 March 2017

Birthdays and Backyards

More photographic evidence of the birthday party last Friday! It was a blast, as I've mentioned, though terribly embarrassing because apparently I got super-smashed and interrogated my Antisocial Housemate Who's Moving Out for about an hour over why he was moving out; why he didn't like me; whether I caused him to move out, etc. And each time he tried to answer, apparently I didn't allow him to! LOL!! WTF, Nick? :P

The night ended with me hugging a puke bucket, unfortunately, but that's always proof that it was a good night, no? Hahaha! Well, the only way I knew what had happened was because there were messages and video evidence sent to me on my phone the next morning. And then I had to go out and face Antisocial Housemate himself! Argh!! Luckily a pre-emptive apology via Whatsapp softened the blow somewhat, and he said it was fine and that he had a good laugh and had fun. So.... yay? :P

Here are more pics from the party:

My besties! Bernie, Carol and Scott! YAY!

Birthday cake galore (pity I don't remember eating any of it!)
Well, in the aftermath of that incident Antisocial Housemate and I have spoken, like, about two words to each other in the past week. Honestly, I like the guy enough, but I really can't wait for him to move out... two weeks and counting, and it will be over!

When I look back on our uneasy dynamic, I think I've been waaaay too emotionally affected by this dude than I deserved to've been. Think about it: I moved in with the anticipation of making a new friend (he was the first housemate I met, so I thought we'd connect the most). Then it became: "Hmmm, we aren't talking, why is that?" So it became a matter of trying to find ways to bond with him. Then it became a worry that he didn't like me. Then it became a matter of mustering up the courage and sitting him down to chat with him about our dynamic. Then it became happiness because it seemed like things were getting better: he was opening up to me more, he came to the Fringe show, etc. Then it became disappointment when he announced he was moving out. Then it became paranoia and guilt that I was the one who made him move out. Then it became embarrassment because of the party. Now, I'm sad to say there's a pithy mix of indifference and resentment on my part, and I'm pretty much going to try to minimise our crossing of paths in the house as much as I can for the next fortnight. OMG. Someone should make me the subject of a new Inside Out movie, ARF. Grr.

What else has been happening? More #NewHousemateChronicles have been posted on FB, which I hope to continue to share on this blog soon. Rehearsals have kicked off for Home At Last: A Toy's Journey, a new Children's Theatre production by Jenny, overlapping with the upcoming University production of The Secret of the Snottygobbles, both of which I'll be doing music for. The muse has gradually come back to me, although not terribly strongly, but at least I'm starting to compose again, which is good. Fingers crossed I'll be fully inspired soon; these days a lot of things are dragging me down and demotivating me too easily, so I feel I need to build up my creative defences! Somehow.

What else? Um. That's about it. Been chilling in our backyard now that we've moved the grotty outside sofa into the shade. Trying to exercise more at the gym and taking walks, though I've been kinda tired on that front too, what's up with that? But I'll persevere. Here are some photos of me in recent days, doing what I do best: absolutely nothing. LOL. Till my next update... keep on truckin'!

View of the backyard.
Home office.
It's a hard life.
Ahhhhh... chillin'.
Walkin' through the park.

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