Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year's Shenanigans and More Recaps

Yo. So. New Year's. What did I do? Hmmm. Oh yes, headed to my mate John's place in Coolbellup and basically got sloshed and spent the night there, hahahaha. Ummm not much else to report about New Year's, although I did wear a shirt that looked a bit like a colouring book, which resulted in some people grabbing some magic markers and actually filling the blanks, LOL!!!

They kept within the lines and everyting!
My dear buddy Scotty
And his girlfriend Rhianna. Fun fact: Scotty, Rhi and I went to catch the movie
'La La Land' at Luna Cinemas several days before this NY's party. Good times. 
I'll come back with updates on my Fringe show shortly; but let me leave you with miscellaneous recaps of more stuff that happened/I got up to over the past few weeks leading up to now-ish.

* Did a film shoot for a web series that Scott (above) is currently doing, titled Twin Town. I was just one of the extras in the background, but that was pretty fun. See if you can spot me!

* Went to the Freo dog beach for the first time with Allison just a little before Christmas, with her lovely Great Dane Vera. Unfortunately the day took a little bit of an adventurous turn when Vera got a pretty deep (but thankfully non-serious) cut in her leg due to an encounter with an overexcited other dog that ended up scratching her. Still, twas a good day. Here are some pics:

* Just last weekend (Saturday, Jan 7) I met up with Josie, one of the potential housemates I'd interviewed with and had considered living with, and hung out with her and her friends at Sweetwater Rooftop Bar also in Freo. That was really a lot of fun... just chit-chatting and having cocktails, mmm. Last week I also spent a little bit of time with Rhett, a.k.a. Buff Mechanic Guy, who came over to my house at North Lake Rd to take a look at my rusty ol' car. You know what later struck me? That I've connected, and had more social interaction and good times, with two people whom I could have lived with, in the timespan of approximately an hour (mechanic) and three hours (nurse); in stark contrast to the two blokes I currently do live with! That, my friends, is irony. Arf. 

But hey, look, I know I've been saying a few things about my current housemates but really, they are good guys. They are. It's just that they're so set in their ways and maybe someone (i.e. me) needs to call them out on it and make them see that it's not so bad to be sociable!! We'll see how this develops over time, k? Heh. Meanwhile, here's me, Josie and the rest of her friends at the bar that night:

* Speaking of Mechanic Guy, just yesterday (Monday) I'd stopped at a petrol station in Applecross, fumbled with my car key because the plastic holder/dongle had kinda detached itself into two, put it back together, filled the car, and then realised the engine wouldn't start. Dismayed, I first tried to get help from the service station guy behind the counter, but it turns out he was totally useless, oy. So I called Rhett, who was fortunately available and nice enough to hurry right over. Straightaway he diagnosed it wasn't the battery; so what could be causing it to not start? Turns out it was the car immobiliser: when the key dongle had come apart, a tiny little microchip had fallen out of it. 

Cut to: me and Mechanic Guy hunting around, needle-in-haystack-style, for this microchip, without which I would've been indefinitely stranded. It took some time but Rhett finally found it and we were able to get the car started again, but not without me feeling kinda embarrassed about it, lol. Luckily Rhett's a good guy and turning out to be a good mate; it would have been even more embarrassing, I think, had I called for a mechanic stranger to come and help me out. I mean, think about it... we both had to look high and low for this tiny black nondescript square thing that could've fallen out anywhere! Quite the predicament indeed. Before he took off, Rhett provided one more vital service: supergluing the dongle together so that this wouldn't happen again. Hahahaha!!

* I've been hitting the gym a bit more regularly these days, hoping to get into better health and shape, heh. Also been doing a bit of walking along the river, which is lovely on these summer evenings:

Lovely sunset.
Me out for a walk!
The night after hanging out with Josie at the bar, I actually did the unthinkable: I went to the gym after midnight and did a workout! WTF! What's going on?!?! LOL. Actually, it was because apparently my house didn't have water due to a burst water main or something (a council issue, not a household issue); so I figured I'd shower at the gym. And since I was at the gym anyway... well, why not??

12:15am on Saturday night/Sun morning and the gym wasn't empty.
Okay, boys and girls, I think that about wraps it up for the recaps! We're almost entirely up to date now... so I'll be back soon with aforementioned Fringe updates, k? Till then...!

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