Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Conflicts (Continued) and FB Posts Galore!

I'm back! (If you're reading this for the first time, you should read the older post below first!) Where was I? Oh yes, conflict. Well, remember I mentioned several posts ago that someone had rubbed me the wrong way while I'd been hanging out with my housemates over drinks and board games? Well, that dude was actually the guy who moved out of here. Long story short, don't wanna go into it, but he messaged me on Facebook after I'd posted about the recent WiFi-turning-off incident. And since I was already in a crappy mood, I proceeded to tell him that I was ticked off at him, too, over the stuff he'd said to me that night during board games. Let's just say that chat didn't end well, and I ended up terminating the conversation and, for the time being, terminating our friendship acquaintanceship.

Subsequently that whole incident led to several revelations, some within myself and others via interactions with the housemates. I now proceed to feature some FB posts about these revelations, since it's kinda annoying and tiring to recap these things by typing them anew, heh. First off, the serious thought-provoker:

Oy, what a downer! In case you're wondering, there's no conclusion to that storyline; I guess it's ongoing. Though it did result in this little post:

....And this gem:

It also led to this exchange with my housemate:

Since we're on the subject of interactions with housemates, there were these few other tidbits:

And oh yeah, this:


Since the FB posts above have moved into the New Year, let me end this now and come back with more updates and recaps on what I've been up to since 2017 hit us. Stay tuned!

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