Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2017?!?!?! Let's Talk About Christmas (and Conflict)

Hey, everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Okay, I'm about 10 days too late, haha! As usual, the clock is just a-tickin' and I'm currently really busy in the midst of trying to finish the Alice in Wonderland project for back home, as well as preparing for Four in Fifty at Laneway Lounge at the end of the month, as part of Perth Fringe! Whoo-hoo!! But before we get to all that, let's do some recaps, shall we? Let me see, what has been a-happening...? I guess we shall go back to Christmastime... **cue dream-like flashback music**

Christmas Eve! A pretty awesome day which was spent at Bernie and Mikey's as they hosted a lovely potluck lunch, with the Plottkes, the Bates, Beattie and little old me in attendance. Here, let some photos paint the picture:

Lovely, eh? We did a Secret Santa gift-exchange and I received a bunch of yummy teas, which is awesome. 

On Christmas Day, I visited my dear friend Sarah to join her and her family for a scrumptious lunch. In attendance were Sarah's mum Julie and stepdad Michael; Sarah's grandparents; her brother, and his girlfriend. All in all, another lovely day, and I even received a couple of presents, which I wasn't expecting: a nice bottle of wine in a "hand-blown" bottle, i.e. a uniquely asymmetrical shape because it was blown by a Frenchman, apparently. Whether he was the winemaker or just a bottle-blower I can't be sure. Anyway. I also received some chocolates, which is always lovely. And that evening I headed over to Alex and Mel's to join them by their poolside. Hark, more pics!

Lunchies and choccy-filled Christmas baubles at Sarah's!

Sparklers at Alex and Mel's!
During this period leading up to New Year's, I continued to try to connect with the couple of housemates here at North Lake Road who have been pretty quiet and less-than-outgoing. Unfortunately it's an ongoing thing till today; some days I feel I'm making progress with them, other days it's a few steps backwards. But anyway, for Christmas I decided to get them some presents as well. Only thing is, what do you get a couple of guys when you don't really know very much about them at all?? Oy!

For Blake (not spelt correctly; his name is pretty unique so I'm avoiding spelling it in its proper incarnation lest he does some sort of search or something and discovers this, arf!), I discovered he was a fan of the cartoon series Adventure Time, so I did an online purchase of an action figure of Jake the dog. Blake was really chuffed when he received it, so much so that a couple of days later I saw Jake perched on his computer desk next to his monitor, where it remains to this day. So I'd call that a win, arf arf:

Much to my surprise, Blake even bought me a gift in return!

With Brendan, the other housemate, it was equally as difficult trying to figure out what to get him. As it turns out, Bren likes to smoke a... let's just say, a certain type of plant so that it makes him feel good, haha! And he was getting into trouble with Blake because Bren kept stealing Blake's little ceramic bowls from the kitchen so he could chop up his "plants" to be smoked. So I decided to get him his very own set of bowls specifically to be used for that purpose. I even labelled one of them (the pink one, appropriately), "Bren's Happy Bowls of Fun". The fact that they were rainbow coloured was even more of a bonus! He seemed very happy with them, though I have no idea where they are now as they're not in his room. Hmmmmm. Anyway. Here they were:

Arf arf!

Anyway. So that covers the Christmas period, which, all in all, was pretty good. The lead-up to New Year's was pretty quiet, with just me and the two Bs in the house as our other housemate, the outgoing dude M, was away with his girlfriend (who's also lovely). AHH, but the lead-up to New Year's wasn't necessarily without some drama. See, as I've already established, the three boys are avid gamers (sigh) and so they tend to get a little, shall we say, sensitive about the internet, especially when any of us does activity that causes a slowdown (or "lag", as they say). 

One day I was streaming a Youtube video (low-quality, too!) and one of the boys voices his unhappiness with the lag. I apologised and said I'd stop... but then, without saying anything, the dude proceeds to turn the WiFi off (since the WiFi is apparently a contributor to the slowdown, as I've also mentioned before). Suffice it to say, I was not a happy Nick!!! See, it's perfectly OK to turn off the WiFi, but you gotta tell me or simply ask, "Hey man, is it OK if I turn it off??" What's not OK is to presume you can just do it when you know that someone else in the house is using it! Grr!!

Anyway it's water under the bridge now because the housemate and I have discussed it (in typically very-brief fashion since he's not much of a talker) and we're cool (though if you're connected to me via my personal FB profile, you can read about that incident and my angry reaction here). THAT SAID... that wasn't the end of it; there was still a bit more conflict to come!! I'll start a new post for that one, since I don't wanna negate the Christmas festivities too much, LOL...! 

To be continued... (which is a bit silly to type since new posts are going to be on top of this one and hence will be read first in all likelihood. Oh well.)

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