Thursday, 17 November 2016

Smokin', 'Strange', Shakespeare & Song!

Hey all! So this Saturday I'll be coming up to two weeks living here at North Lake Road, and for the most part it's been pretty cool. The guys are nice dudes, though tonight I got a little cranky because one of 'em was having what seemed to be a smoking party on the patio which caused the kitchen to smell rather weedy, which unfortunately I wasn't in the mood to deal with. But it's really not a big deal. They're good guys and so far we've been getting along fine.

The dude I've been connecting with the most is Mlad, a guy of European origin, who's closer to my age and who's also home a lot of the time. He and his girlfriend have been fun to chat and hang out with, and we even had an XBox Dance Party dance-off a couple of nights ago, which was fun, heh! The other guys I've had less interaction with, though somewhat ironically of the remaining two I think I've chatted more with weed-smoking guy. Then there was this moment with the other guy, LOL. Oh well, all in good time, I'm sure!

So the location of this new house is very convenient, with shops literally a two-minute walk away, and yesterday while going on a stroll I discovered there's a 24-hour gym just down the road. So on a whim I decided to give it a trial workout, and as of today I'm happy to say I've signed up for it! It's called Snap Fitness on the corner of North Lake and Leach, and I really like I it because it's affordable; 24-hour access; walking distance; and there's no minimum contract (just a 30-day advance notice required to cancel my membership). On top of which, they're providing two weeks of free membership as well as a free year's subscription to Men's Health magazine. So all in all, it's worth it, I think!! As long as I don't find myself in this situation anytime in the future:

What else has been happening? Oh yes, I'm in the midst of writing/completing my newest 10-minute musical for a project scheduled for January next year, which begins rehearsing next week! The new shorty is (most likely to be) called Commencement. More on this as we get into it!!

I've also been workshopping a new project with my supervisor Jenny de Reuck, a group collaboration with other artistes that's slated to be rehearsed and performed April/May next year, called Biography of Toys. We had a meet-and-greet/initial discussion session on Tuesday followed by some workshopping of ideas today; and on Tuesday I also had lunch with my dear friend Sarah and our mutual mate Jason, before Sarah and I spontaneously decided to catch Dr Strange at the movies, which was really fun in a mind-twisty sort of way. So yay! Here's Sarah and me at the movies, because obviously it was such a momentous occasion that I had to mark it with a wefie:

I'm also fresh off a three-day, four-show run of this year's Shakespeare project in uni, directed by Jenny, which concluded last Saturday; we did a lesser-known play, Pericles, and as usual I performed the live music for it and also composed some of the songs. In fact, check out this video of three of the cast members performing one of the sections from the show:

And here's a nice photo of the cast and crew:

Well, that's about it for now, I think! Check back in again soon. Till then!

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