Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Harmonies, Housemates & Haircuts

Sometimes you come up with a melody that you really, really like, and you think, "Hmmm maybe I should make this longer..." ... but the point of the song is already pretty much there in 1 minute.

 This song, from my current/upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" children's musical project, is one of those times. What do you guys think... should it be expanded? Reprised later in the show is always a possibility too! (Or maybe Curtain Call music!)

Anyway, have a listen... probably my favourite work-in-progress melody at the moment!

So what else has been new? Just chillin' with my new housemates, went to the movies with one of 'em and his friends a couple of weekends ago (on Nov 20), and last weekend bonded with two out of the three housies over drinks and board games. (Which would've been perfectly pleasant if one of the dudes who was present hadn't rubbed me the wrong way... more on that in this FB post if you're connected to me. The after-effect of which has lingered with me somewhat, and it's been a semi-melancholy kinda week, which I don't appreciate, grr. But. Moving on.)

Oh yeah!! I completed the first draft of my latest ten-minute musical Commencement (working title; soon to be renamed) and have started rehearsing with the cast for the project I've got coming up in late January next year! So that's been pretty cool! I've also been freaking out over my impending Confirmation of Candidature, which is this formality I've got to go through in about 12 days to make sure I'm officially a PhD student, and it involves all the tedious elements like written assignments and presentations, literature reviews and methodologies and whatnot, involving my co-supervisors and other important people. So... yeah. I should...like, start working on that, HAHA! I joke. OR DO I.

But let's go back to Commencement: here's a very brief sneak preview:

Oh yeah, last Tuesday (a week ago) I went for a haircut at the barbershop just next door, and it's run by a lovely lady named Tanya, who gave me this little bit of advice upon hearing my six-month life saga: "First the gym" (see previous post) "and now a new haircut? Wanting to make a physical change is a sign that you're feeling happier, more stable and more content." Yay! Hairstylists are like bartenders in that they both are like therapists, I tell you! In the spirit of egocentricity, here's some pics of me with the new 'do.... me likey! You likey?

You might not be able to really tell, but my new style has
a slight undercut, which I've not had done before. Cool.
Because we all should stop to appreciate ourselves more in the
aisle of a grocery store every now and then.
This pic makes me look pretty buff. But it's a lie. A lie, I tell you!

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