Thursday, 20 October 2016

Searching, Supernatural Shirts & Swan Valley

Hey all! Another week's flying by, and I'm still here, "homeless" but thankfully taking shelter at Carol and Scotty's, hehe. Let's recap all the places I've looked at over the past few weeks, shall we?

• Hot German guy in Coolbellup (no longer available, and German guy was douchey in the end);

• Buff Mechanic Guy & Murdoch Uni Girl in South Lake (one of my top choices, but their housemate is still dragging her feet, causing major hold-ups. Probably won't be able to hold out for this much longer);

• Mature Gay Guy with Hot Tub in Hilton (pricey, though, probably out of my range; and furthermore, it's in Hilton, a purportedly dodgy area);

• Mature Anthropologist with Large Library in Hamilton Hill (liked the guy, was fond of the library, but the house itself wasn't great; still available and lower on my list of possibilities, but it's on the list);

• Two media dudes in a large house off Karel Ave (liked them, but for some reason I didn't feel like the house would be right for me, even though it was nice... possibly because the rooms were really close together, and also there would've been, like, five of us in total... possibly too many housemates);

• Sweet nurse in a lovely unit in Kardinya (like her, like the house; a top contender);

• Cool poet/musician/mental health worker dude in Hilton (loved his place, big room but it's entirely unfurnished, which means more cost and hassle; plus, again, it's in Hilton, oy);

• Dodgy, nervous-ish druggy dude in Melville (umm pass);

• Two gamers in a large house in Canning Vale (liked them, liked the house, but the room was much too small, and location wasn't ideal anyway);

• Mature guy in a nice house in Kardinya (liked him, liked the house, but the rooms were possibly too small and too close together, and also - no Internet, arghle); and

• Three dudes in a nice new house in Myaree (met two of the dudes yesterday plus the guy who was moving out; quite fond of the place; it's definitely added to the list of contenders).

(I'd actually typed all of this out in a post on FB but one of my friends made a snarky comment about "this is probably why you're still single", which rubbed me the wrong way and since I've been in a semi-cranky mood, I deleted the post. Should've screenshot it first, which would've saved me time re-typing all of the above. But oh well. Whatever.)

On to happier things! On Monday I went to Big W to buy some bargain books and ended up having the following conversation with a dude at a charity booth in the mall:

"Hey that's a cool shirt! What is it?"
Me: "It's from Supernatural. You know the TV show? It's the symbol that gets rid of angels."
"Yes!! That's where I know it from! Team Sam or Team Dean?"
Me: "Team Dean foh shore!"
"All right man!!! Gimme a high five!"
**High five!!**

Dude was so chuffed he didn't even talk to me about the charity.

Ooh yeah, last weekend was pretty fun. On Saturday, Carol, Scott and I went shopping, arf arf. On Sunday, we took a trip to Swan Valley to check out the attractions there and made a whole day of it. Among the places we went to was a couple of wineries; a couple of chocolate factories; a coffee place (yum); a honey place (where I had honey ice-cream!); a cheese place; and and and oh yeah we had a scrumptious sausagey meaty lunch at a brewery called Duckstein, which was awesome.

All in all, that was a good day, and here are some pics to prove it!! I'll leave you with them and will come back again soon with more updates, fingers crossed. Arf arf. Till then!!

It's funny 'cos it's true.
Carol all teapotty.
Where am I looking?!
Scott's thinking face.
If you're paying attention, you'd realise I wore that same shirt on Sunday and again on Monday.
Not sure why I did that, but if I hadn't, it wouldn't have led to that Supernatural exchange above, heh.
All the pretty ladies.
Checking out cheese with Carol. Actual exchanges between us:
"What do you say to a bear that's trying to climb up a tree?"
"What does the cheese say to itself in the mirror?"
"What do you say to cheese that's gained weight?"
"You're feta!"
Mmmmmm sausage!!
Carol's "yaaay food!" face. Om nom nom nom

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