Friday, 14 October 2016

Goodbye, #FIFOWifo

Hi everyone! Right now I'm sitting in Carol and Scott's kitchen, having lived here since Monday night. So basically it's been a few days of drama and stress as my (former) housemates, #FIFOWifo, got into a fight last weekend. It was a day or so of FIFO guy receiving the silent treatment from a sullen Wifo; and then on Monday evening itself, it was a huge outburst of yelling and screaming between the two, including her cries of, "You crazy! Crazy!" and him, provoked by her threats to go back to Taipei or Vietnam, yelling, "Fine, do you what you want, go back to where you came from!" Oy vey.

So basically I ran away, and fortunately Carol and Scott generously allowed me to stay, their giant Himalayan Whistle Kid. And I've been here every night since, going back to the other house to gather my things, the last of which was done today, with my portable air conditioner loaded up into the car and now resting comfortably in the Bates' motel garage.

On Tuesday, we went to Garden City to watch Deepwater Horizon, which was really quite entertaining and thrilling. Here's a nice little photo of us:

Back to the drama:

Yeah, that was on Monday night. By Tuesday, the troubled couple seemed to have patched things up a little bit, and as far as I know as of today (Friday) they are fine; but it doesn't matter. That whole exchange between them was unpleasant and uncomfortable and should never have happened when you have a housemate living with you. Wanna fight? Get out of the house. The damage has been done, so I'm out of there. Which was always part of the plan anyway, so no big loss.

And so the plan is to stay with Carott for a couple of weeks, and then move in with.... well.... it won't be Buff Mechanic Guy, as stated in my previous post, because of issues with their housemate who's been dragging her feet and unwilling to provide us all with her move-out date. It won't be Mature Gay Guy and his hot tub, either. And I'd also checked out another house, owned by a mature Anthropologist with an extensive library in his house... but nah.

On Wednesday I'd checked out a house in Kardinya, a pleasant three-bedroom unit with just one other housemate, a lovely girl named Josephine who's a nurse at the nearby hospital. So after a lot of ding-doinging and trying to decide who to live with, I've finally settled on her and will shortly be making the move to her place in Kardi. So yay. One less decision to make. So much drama. Sigh.

That's all for now... I'll keep you updated on the big move. For now, I'm going to wrap up this post and get ready to tuck into Carol's chocolate banana brownies. Mmmmmm. Bye!

Mmm! Brownie batter and arty shadows!

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