Saturday, 29 October 2016

North Lake Rd, Here I Come...! (Eventually)

As posted on FB:

Ed (foreground) with his partner
Alex. Just one of his random
shared photos.
Yesterday (Friday), I moved the bulk of my stuff from Carott's place to the new house, but today I met with the landlord and she says she'd like to repaint the walls of my room, so it looks like I'll be staying here for a few more days at least until that's done! Meanwhile, it's been kinda fun chatting with the guy who moved out, a lovely gay bloke named Ed. He reassures me that the guys in the new house are pleasant and nice peeps to be around.

I gotta say, I'm kinda nervous! I've no idea what our dynamic is going to be like, and I've never shared house with three other (straight) dudes before, LOL. When I went over yesterday they were all preoccupied doing their own thing, gaming and such, which is cool, though there was music playing upstairs (how's that going to work with my own music work? We shall see) and (cough)  there was the smell of weed in the air. Arf! So.... yeah, this is going to be fun. Big brave smile; big boy pants. :) Stay tuned...

Ed and Blaec (pronounced Blake), who's one of my
new housemates :)

Monday, 24 October 2016

Moving-Out Matters and Cookie Conundrums

Here we go, another week in Perth. Can't believe I've been here five months already. Unfortunately I wish I could say I was thoroughly enjoying myself or that it's exactly how I'd envisioned it would be, coming back. Sadly, I'm not, and it isn't, but I think a large part of that has to do with my own depressive downturns and outlook, so it's continuing to be an uphill battle trying to see things positively and look towards a happy future. But anyway. We keep trundling along, yes we do.

So what's been happening? I recently put a poll on Facebook to ask peeps to vote for the final two homes that I'd been pondering a move into. I'm not sure why this whole thing has been such a big, overthought deal for me... like, I can't seem to find peace with the decision I've made (which will be revealed very soon). Maybe I'm seeking the "perfect" living arrangement, which might not exist, and which I might not even really recognise until I'm immersed in the living arrangement to begin with. Maybe I'm just too scarred (lol) from the #FIFOWifo experience. Maybe, again, it's just my negative outlook on things, tying in with my mindset at the moment. Whatever the case, it's exhausting.

I'm going to copy and paste the contents of that Facebook post here, so those of you who have read it before, just skip below the poll:


We're down to the final hours of the #NewHousemateChronicles. It has been a long and arduous few weeks/months of contemplation and agonising agonising (that's not an accidentally repeated word, it's an adjective and a verb); and it's now time for Nick to make the final decision on where to move to following the horridly entertaining and entertainingly horrid fiasco that was the #FIFOWifo Saga!!

In Nick's own words (cue interview segment, Nick talking to off-screen interviewer): "It's, like, I'm torn between finding a place where I can imagine myself staying at home most of the day if need be... to do my music, research for my PhD and all that. I dunno, like, a place where I can feel inspired and motivated to work, without feeling too cooped up. A place that's less conducive can lead me to be unproductive and depressed.

"But, I'm also terribly lacking in social interaction," he confesses, "which has also contributed to my being depressed. The truth is, I only have so many friends that I feel comfortable being myself with - and I've got to be honest, as it turns out, a lot of them are NOT my theatre/uni friends. So the interaction with people my age (working adults) has been VERY limited so far.

"#FIFOWifo were middle-aged and I had issues with living with them in a small house" - referring, of course, to FIFOguy's act of bringing in fiance/later Wifo to live with them, followed by the inconveniences and - more recently - dramatic fighting that followed. "I'd really rather not have that kind of isolating and uncomfortable experience again."

To that end, Nick has narrowed his choices down to TWO PLACES. And he needs YOU, Facebook readers who read this, to help him make a decision. WHERE SHOULD NICK MOVE TO?! Here are the choices.


First place is sharing with a female nurse, 30s, in KARDINYA.

• Rent is $150 per week, excluding bills.

• Sharing with one person, more privacy.
• Living room is air conditioned.
• House is fully furnished.
• There is a spare room where Nick can share the desk if needed.
• Nurse works long hours and occasionally on shifts, meaning Nick will be home alone a lot of the time. "This might be a good thing," says Nick, "as it allows more private time to focus on my music and composing work."
• Fairly close (drive/cycle) and easy public transport access to uni.
• "Nurse knows I'm gay and is happy for me to lead my life," Nick says happily.

• House is fairly small (it's a unit, really) "but comfortable", Nick says.
• Living room air-conditioned, bedroom is not. ("Room setup doesn't easily allow me to set up a portable air-conditioner... not without taking apart the bed, which, due to its size relative to the size of the room, can't be easily rearranged").
• Bedroom has little room for additional furniture due to size of bed. "Do I need a desk in my room?" Nick frets. "I'm not sure."
• Shared bathroom, but bathroom doors don't lock, LOL. "You'd think it shouldn't bug me, but it does," Nick admits.
• Nurse might sometimes have a friend staying over in spare room. "I worry: what if she ends up with a partner?! Memories of FIFOwifo come to mind!" In fact, Nurse was even thinking of asking friend to stay over during the first three weeks of Nick's potential tenancy. "I don't mind if it's just three weeks," Nick hedges, "but... what if it's not? Plus, Nurse might not be here the first week when friend is here... wouldn't that be kinda weird?"
• Nurse works long hours and occasionally on shifts. "This means I will be home alone a lot of the time. This poses a threat to my creativity due to the possibility of TOO much alone-time, which, for me, can be an actual problem," Nick says. "No, I'm serious!" he exclaims, cutting off interviewer who seems about to protest that Nick's being nonsensical; "it's a real thing. There's a difference between being alone and being lonely, and it's a very fine line between shifting from one to another."

PRO-CON: • No contract, no bond, things are rather flexible and informal.


Second place is sharing with 3 blokes, mid-20s to mid-30s, on North Lake Road, Myaree
• Rent: $161 a week, excluding bills.
• Large, new, renovated, beautiful house. (The photo of the room doesn't do it justice as the room was a mess)
• House is fully air-conditioned, including all rooms.
• Room is big and semi-furnished. "The dude who's moving out took great pains to make sure there's a bed in there, when he'd originally said the room would be unfurnished," Nick reveals. "I've also got a new desk, courtesy of a trip to IKEA, so that's taken care of."
• There is a common area where Nick can set up a second desk/music gear & share the space with other tenants.
• "I'll have my own fridge!!!" Off interviewer's surprised look: "No, REALLY!"
• Great location, round the corner from shops and amenities, 5-minute drive from dear friends Carol and Scott; fairly close (drive/cycle) and easy public transport access to uni.
• Housemates are friendly (those Nick has met so far) and "are fine with me being gay, which is great. Basically, live my life! In fact," he adds dramatically, "the dude who's moving out is openly gay and was sharing the place on occasion with his partner!" Whoaaaa.
• Housemates work office hours... (9am-5pm weekdays, generally), meaning Nick would have most daytimes to himself.
• Most importantly: the guys are apparently social peeps who respect privacy/space. "This, I think, has risen to become a VERY important factor. I'd like to be able to feel like I can easily interact with them if I chose to, but also seek private time in my room to focus on work when I'm 'in the zone', if I wanted to. I work better knowing there are people around me and that I DELIBERATELY choose to be alone in the midst of social possibility." Seeing Interviewer's skepticism, he hastens to add, "Ask my dear friend Melanie Anastas! She knows what I'm talking about."

• Three straight blokes. "HAHA. What am I going to talk to them about?! They'll be, like, going on about, like, sports and girls and gaming and what-have-you, and I'll be, like, hey, have you listened to the cast recording of Legally Blonde?!"
• The common area is right outside Nick's bedroom, which is where the guys will be on their computers, gaming, etc. "Hmm." Frowny face.
• Housemates work office hours... but ONE of them sometimes works at home from the common area. "So it could be that he might hear me singing and stuff," Nick mutters. "But you know, that could just be something we'll all have to get used to."
• Housemates are social creatures, meaning they might bring their mates around to hang sometimes.
• Three blokes sharing one bathroom and toilet!

PRO-CON: Landlady/owner is very professional and thorough with the dealings, meaning she wants proof of income ("I'm on scholarship"), possibly character reference, bond and assurance of minimum stay, passport and ID verification, etc. "It's so formal," Nick frets. "So, so formal."


More updates to come on the moving decision shortly. In the meantime, here's how Carol and Scott have helped me make a decision: "NO COOKIES FOR YOU UNTIL YOU DECIDE WHERE YOU'RE MOVING INTO!!!!" Urgh. Meanies. :P

On Saturday, Carol, Scott and I went bed-shopping (or rather, they did, arf), at a store called Snooze and also at IKEA, where I got myself a generic desk for my impending new digs. Here are some embarrassing pics of them as they were getting themselves measured for their new mattress, tee-hee-hee!! (And also, a photo of what I thought would be an ideal bed for me... complete with built-in desk. That's a joke. It's a kids' bed. Although... maybe it would have been ideal??? Heh!)

My bed?!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Searching, Supernatural Shirts & Swan Valley

Hey all! Another week's flying by, and I'm still here, "homeless" but thankfully taking shelter at Carol and Scotty's, hehe. Let's recap all the places I've looked at over the past few weeks, shall we?

• Hot German guy in Coolbellup (no longer available, and German guy was douchey in the end);

• Buff Mechanic Guy & Murdoch Uni Girl in South Lake (one of my top choices, but their housemate is still dragging her feet, causing major hold-ups. Probably won't be able to hold out for this much longer);

• Mature Gay Guy with Hot Tub in Hilton (pricey, though, probably out of my range; and furthermore, it's in Hilton, a purportedly dodgy area);

• Mature Anthropologist with Large Library in Hamilton Hill (liked the guy, was fond of the library, but the house itself wasn't great; still available and lower on my list of possibilities, but it's on the list);

• Two media dudes in a large house off Karel Ave (liked them, but for some reason I didn't feel like the house would be right for me, even though it was nice... possibly because the rooms were really close together, and also there would've been, like, five of us in total... possibly too many housemates);

• Sweet nurse in a lovely unit in Kardinya (like her, like the house; a top contender);

• Cool poet/musician/mental health worker dude in Hilton (loved his place, big room but it's entirely unfurnished, which means more cost and hassle; plus, again, it's in Hilton, oy);

• Dodgy, nervous-ish druggy dude in Melville (umm pass);

• Two gamers in a large house in Canning Vale (liked them, liked the house, but the room was much too small, and location wasn't ideal anyway);

• Mature guy in a nice house in Kardinya (liked him, liked the house, but the rooms were possibly too small and too close together, and also - no Internet, arghle); and

• Three dudes in a nice new house in Myaree (met two of the dudes yesterday plus the guy who was moving out; quite fond of the place; it's definitely added to the list of contenders).

(I'd actually typed all of this out in a post on FB but one of my friends made a snarky comment about "this is probably why you're still single", which rubbed me the wrong way and since I've been in a semi-cranky mood, I deleted the post. Should've screenshot it first, which would've saved me time re-typing all of the above. But oh well. Whatever.)

On to happier things! On Monday I went to Big W to buy some bargain books and ended up having the following conversation with a dude at a charity booth in the mall:

"Hey that's a cool shirt! What is it?"
Me: "It's from Supernatural. You know the TV show? It's the symbol that gets rid of angels."
"Yes!! That's where I know it from! Team Sam or Team Dean?"
Me: "Team Dean foh shore!"
"All right man!!! Gimme a high five!"
**High five!!**

Dude was so chuffed he didn't even talk to me about the charity.

Ooh yeah, last weekend was pretty fun. On Saturday, Carol, Scott and I went shopping, arf arf. On Sunday, we took a trip to Swan Valley to check out the attractions there and made a whole day of it. Among the places we went to was a couple of wineries; a couple of chocolate factories; a coffee place (yum); a honey place (where I had honey ice-cream!); a cheese place; and and and oh yeah we had a scrumptious sausagey meaty lunch at a brewery called Duckstein, which was awesome.

All in all, that was a good day, and here are some pics to prove it!! I'll leave you with them and will come back again soon with more updates, fingers crossed. Arf arf. Till then!!

It's funny 'cos it's true.
Carol all teapotty.
Where am I looking?!
Scott's thinking face.
If you're paying attention, you'd realise I wore that same shirt on Sunday and again on Monday.
Not sure why I did that, but if I hadn't, it wouldn't have led to that Supernatural exchange above, heh.
All the pretty ladies.
Checking out cheese with Carol. Actual exchanges between us:
"What do you say to a bear that's trying to climb up a tree?"
"What does the cheese say to itself in the mirror?"
"What do you say to cheese that's gained weight?"
"You're feta!"
Mmmmmm sausage!!
Carol's "yaaay food!" face. Om nom nom nom

Friday, 14 October 2016

Goodbye, #FIFOWifo

Hi everyone! Right now I'm sitting in Carol and Scott's kitchen, having lived here since Monday night. So basically it's been a few days of drama and stress as my (former) housemates, #FIFOWifo, got into a fight last weekend. It was a day or so of FIFO guy receiving the silent treatment from a sullen Wifo; and then on Monday evening itself, it was a huge outburst of yelling and screaming between the two, including her cries of, "You crazy! Crazy!" and him, provoked by her threats to go back to Taipei or Vietnam, yelling, "Fine, do you what you want, go back to where you came from!" Oy vey.

So basically I ran away, and fortunately Carol and Scott generously allowed me to stay, their giant Himalayan Whistle Kid. And I've been here every night since, going back to the other house to gather my things, the last of which was done today, with my portable air conditioner loaded up into the car and now resting comfortably in the Bates' motel garage.

On Tuesday, we went to Garden City to watch Deepwater Horizon, which was really quite entertaining and thrilling. Here's a nice little photo of us:

Back to the drama:

Yeah, that was on Monday night. By Tuesday, the troubled couple seemed to have patched things up a little bit, and as far as I know as of today (Friday) they are fine; but it doesn't matter. That whole exchange between them was unpleasant and uncomfortable and should never have happened when you have a housemate living with you. Wanna fight? Get out of the house. The damage has been done, so I'm out of there. Which was always part of the plan anyway, so no big loss.

And so the plan is to stay with Carott for a couple of weeks, and then move in with.... well.... it won't be Buff Mechanic Guy, as stated in my previous post, because of issues with their housemate who's been dragging her feet and unwilling to provide us all with her move-out date. It won't be Mature Gay Guy and his hot tub, either. And I'd also checked out another house, owned by a mature Anthropologist with an extensive library in his house... but nah.

On Wednesday I'd checked out a house in Kardinya, a pleasant three-bedroom unit with just one other housemate, a lovely girl named Josephine who's a nurse at the nearby hospital. So after a lot of ding-doinging and trying to decide who to live with, I've finally settled on her and will shortly be making the move to her place in Kardi. So yay. One less decision to make. So much drama. Sigh.

That's all for now... I'll keep you updated on the big move. For now, I'm going to wrap up this post and get ready to tuck into Carol's chocolate banana brownies. Mmmmmm. Bye!

Mmm! Brownie batter and arty shadows!