Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Hunt Goes On...

Wassup! So among the latest developments is that German guy (mentioned in previous post) didn't pan out, grr. When I told him I was keen on moving in, he said someone had come to look at the place (conveniently enough, that morning itself) and was going to move in straightaway. Well, duh. "Sorry, I've changed my mind and to be honest, I think I'd like to keep looking for another housemate," would have been the more respectable response, but whatever, LOL. So that's the end of that! In the meantime, I'd told #FIFOWifo about my intention to move out, so... they're really trying to get me to stay! Sheesh!

But all's not lost. I've been continuing the roommate hunt, and I've so far met Buff Gym Guy & Murdoch Girl, two lovely people in a house in South Lake who seem to like me; as well as Mature Gay Guy who's offering a lovely home in Hilton that has a separate entryway; a small 'foyer' room adjacent to the bedroom; a nice alfresco dining area out front, and even a spa!! But the price difference between South Lake and Hilton is $60 less in the former than the latter; and believe me, saving $240 a month would be awesome, plus it would be cool to hang out with people closer to my own age! But the Hilton place promises more privacy, my own entrance, an understanding older gay man, etc, LOL. So... I'm not quite sure what to do right now... I'm still deep in contemplation mode.

Posted today, 29 Sept 2016
(Let's not forget this one, too):

Either way, don't forget to catch up on other new FB posts on the whole roommate matter by visiting the hashtags #FIFOWifo and #NewHousemateChronicles (for which you actually need to be my FB friend, of course. Gotta have some careful restrictions on privacy!)

What else? On Monday, I was picked up by my mate Justin and we headed to WAAPA to do a photoshoot for one of my upcoming projects scheduled for next year! I'll provide more info on that when I'm allowed to, but in the meantime, here are some pics:

Suckin' on a lollypop in the men's room. Erk.
Lookin' snazzy.
So far the consensus seems to be "glasses on"
A teaser of what's to come...!
OH YES, last Saturday I did a rather spontaneous and potentially silly thing and bought myself a second-hand car. Well, it's probably multiple-hands old; but I saw an ad on Gumtree, called up the lady who turns out was going to move back to the UK; had a chat with her while test driving it; she said she wanted to sell for $1.3k but was willing to drop it to $1k because she really need to sell; and I thought to myself, "Hey, it's running all right; and I'm not likely to get anything that's not a lemon for $1k... so...." ...I did it. Signed the paperwork, did the exchange, and now I'm driving around in a functional semi-sun-damaged black Peugeot monikered "Monicar". When I've gotten round to taking a pic of it, I'll share it. But really, it's just a functional old car, nothing too fancy, arf.

Finally I'm going to leave you with this long FB post I put up yesterday, mainly because I'd like to remember I posted it but would like to delete it off FB itself. I've been in a bit of a low mood lately, not terribly inspired; possibly semi-triggered by the whole housemate hunt and losing out on German fella's place (which is probably all for the best, eh?). But either way, here's a sharing, for posterity's sake. I leave you with it... until next time!! (PS: I haven't embedded the video. We'll just have to make do with the image in the screenshot.)

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Locked Out, Eating In, Moving Out & More!

Hey all! It's a long weekend, and it's gonna be a pretty quiet one for me (which is kinda par for the course these days... the PhD isn't exactly thrilling or anything, arf). Well, some stuff has been happening, the main events being my decision whether or not to a) buy a car (more on this soon) and b) move out of #FIFOWifo's place now that they're back from their long holiday. I've been looking at alternative accommodation, and one of the places I'm considering is with a German dude in Coolbellup - nice house, nice location, nice(-looking) guy too! Hahaha!!

Well. The latter aspect has me feeling quite nervous because, as I've previously established, I don't have an exactly healthy track record of being friends with good-looking (straight) people. But you know what? It's high time I changed that and try to establish male friendships that are normal, and positive, and enriching... one adult to another. So this seems as good an opportunity as ever to do it. As some of my friends on FB have said, there are two ways this could go: I'd grow and learn to have a healthy relationship with another adult male, and end up having a positive experience and a possible solid friendship; OR it would go pear-shaped and I'd just have to move out of there (or literally live with it, arf). Either way, it's not the end of the world. I've had a tendency to over-dramatise these things, but really, it's time to just deal or cut my losses. So I've decided I'm going to do this. German guy, here I come. Oy.

To complicate things, just as I'd been about to tell FIFOguy that I was contemplating moving out, he mentioned a unit just up the road that was for rent, a bigger three-bedroom house, and maybe we'd like to move in together? That same morning, he mentioned how he'd recently lost a close mate in a car accident. All in all, the timing hadn't seemed right for me to announce my intentions, yikes! Thankfully I've since brought it up, and he's understanding; though we did check out the new house down the road yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, it's actually a pretty nice house, and much bigger than this place too (although anywhere would be much bigger than here, I reckon!). So.... I had some decision-making to do!!!

But yeah, bottom line is, I've decided I'm outta here. If you're interested, there's a bunch of stuff on FB about the #NewHousemateChronicles, as I've hashtagged it, so here's a collection. There's also a limited selection of #FIFOWifo posts; all of which you need to be my FB buddy to see (which is probably a wise choice!).

What else has been happening? Last Friday (the 16th), Carol and Scotty had Bernie and me over for a lovely steamboat dinner at their place. Lots of food and laughter, which is awesome. Then I headed back home and discovered, to my dismay, that I'd brought the wrong set of house keys with me and I was locked out! Argh!!! So I had to call Carott and let them know about it, and ended up (thankfully) spending the night at theirs! Haha! Luckily FIFOWifo were due home that night itself (they arrived in middle of the night); if it had happened any earlier, I would've had to have called a locksmith. So yeah, thankfully it wasn't any bigger a deal than it was!

The following day I tagged along with Scott & Carol to check out a property in the city before we took a long walk through King's Park. We also hung out last Thursday (the 22nd) and went out for dinner (ramen!) at Karawara Shopping Centre followed by some shopping. Carott have joked that they've adopted me, but I wonder if there's more truth to that than they realise... hahahaha!!!!! Just jokinggggg, Carol wehhhhh!!! Here are some pics:

The delicious spread!
Scott, Caz and steamboat pot!
And there's Bernie!
At King's Park. Love this shot.

"Are we there yet??"

My favourite photo - we look like such bros hanging out. Or, as Carol
puts it, "like we're trying to imitate the boys from Supernatural."
I think that's about it for now. The next step for me will be informing FIFOguy about my intention to move out, and letting German guy know about my intention to move in, and hope that it will all work out. Stay tuned for more updates! Till then!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

WAAPA, Seminars, Brunch and School Visits!

Hey all! It's been a busy past few weeks since 2084 ended... let me see if I can remember some of the highlights. The most prominent thing would be Michael Lavine's visit from New York to Perth, which resulted in me having the privilege of spending some time with him. We caught The Beautiful Game at WAAPA on Saturday (27th August), which was really cool. Then I met up with him on Sunday, as well as attended his master classes at WAAPA during the rest of the week. This was a great opportunity to meet some of the WAAPA staff and kids, who are really very, very good; and the people I've met so far seem to be very friendly, which is awesome. So yeah, that was cool! Thanks so much, Michael! Here's a montage photo:

During my time with Michael, I wondered if I'd been a bit too negative when he asked me how 2084 had been. Basically I'd been less than enthusiastic about it; I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say that certain parts of the 2084 process had been less than smooth-sailing or encouraging; in fact, as I'd told Michael, I'd felt that the environment had been, at times, toxic. After telling this to him, I wondered whether I'd been too pessimistic. Imagine my surprise when last week, some of the superiors within the theatre community at uni sent out an open letter to those involved in the community. Among some of the key phrases? "Ego is not talent." "The community is toxic; you need to change." Ouch.

Tonight (Wednesday) they held a meeting to address some of the issues that have been going on. I didn't attend; I feel it isn't my place as I'm fairly new to the community (at least, in terms of physical presence). Still, the reason I bring this up here is just for posterity, as a reminder of the fact that this happened, and it makes me wonder what lies in store for the theatre scene at the uni I attend. I guess we'll find out as time goes by. Though to be honest, I had felt as if coming back and working some of the people here had been a step backwards. Then, for me to hang out with Michael and see the WAAPA kids in action; to witness their dedication, commitment, talent and passion... it was re-energising. And so I'm on a mission to be more closely associated with WAAPA, one way or another. I hope I'll be able to be part of their community, if the current one I'm in isn't exactly the most welcoming or encouraging place. More to come as this develops (or not), I guess.

Among other highlights of the past couple of weeks: my spontaneous decision to do a root canal. Step one down; two to go.

Mum letting me know that my little puppy Kerbie, rescued about a year ago, has been promoted from "sleep-outside-" to "sleep-inside-the-house" dog. LOVE.

Working on the cast recording of 2084, which was as pleasant as it could get with some of the people involved (cough). Here's a nice pic:

Ploughing through the almost entire series of Everybody Loves Raymond. Arf.

Attending a couple of PhD-related workshops which were mostly catered for the sciences. Not sure I got a great deal out of it, though it did allow for this cool moment on Day 2 when a new presenter asked everyone what fields they were in. Eventually her eyes glazed over as she was deluged with "bioscience", "chemistry", "physics"-type responses. Then I told her, "Performance and creative arts." She perked up at once and gushed, "Oh, marvellous, how wonderful!" I think everyone hated me.

Getting my first-ever haircut in Perth in over 10 years (see pic, right).

Carol's birthday in the city, where she, Scotty, Beatty, Mikey, Bernie and I had a lovely and huge slap-up meal at Brotzeit, the German pork knuckle bar which Little Jo and I also like to go to in KL! That was a great time. I'd taken a bunch of photos on my camera, but wouldn't you know it, I seem to have lost the images (sigh), so... until and unless I recover them, sadly, there are no pics.

But that's okay! We still have other photos from the more recent brunch we had at my place in Como, just last Saturday. I decided to have them over because this is the final week before FIFO and Wifo (a.k.a. my housemates) come home from their long holiday (they've been gone about six weeks now and will be back this Friday), so we decided to have a nice cook-up at home. Here are some pics!

Bernie, Carol, tea and milk!

All the pretty ladies (and Scott) in the kitchen.
Beatty, Carol, bacon, mushrooms and eggs! 
Yesterday, I met up with Sarah and Ellin in the city and we had a nice lunch at Secret Garden, a pleasant little cafe. Today, a group of us from uni headed to Prendiville Catholic College, a high school, to conduct a series of workshops with the Year 9 kids. Naturally I handled the music side of things, which involved seven good but rather exhausting sessions teaching kids to sing Piccolo Mini and one of Shakespeare's sonnets, which went as well as could be expected with a bunch of pubescent teens. All in all, a good experience. Here's a nice pic of us, courtesy of my dear friend Ellin:

(from left) Ellin, Andrew, me, Dean, Stephen and Sarah!
Well, I think that's about all for the recaps for now. Till next time!