Monday, 22 August 2016

2084 Over And Out!

So we're back. Can you believe it? Time just zipped by, and the biggest thing that has happened over the past few weeks has been the coming (and going) of my new musical 2084!! Yes, it's come (and gone!)... just like that, haha! We had three pretty well-attended days from last Thursday till Saturday, and the feedback (for the most part) has been very positive. Me, I'm feeling that mix of both happiness and sadness that it's over... the timeframe I'd had to work with was taxing (as evidenced by some of my posts below, but it's largely resolved now, so let's move on); but I also think the music is some of my most interesting and creative (especially under the pressure), so it's a bit of a shame there wasn't a larger audience (yet) to see the show. Still, as with all shows we have more plans afoot for it; so fingers crossed it all pans out.

The darkly awesome set created by Allison Bell
What else happened? Last weekend I did a little housewarming/home gathering with Carol, Bernie, Scott and Beatty, and we did a Skype chat with Josie and Jude who are overseas. That was pretty cool, though we didn't take any photos, aw. The rest of the time has been spent with  me looking after this house (where I've been home alone for the past two weeks or so, with another three weeks approximately remaining as FIFO guy and Wifo have been away on holiday); balanced with rehearsals with the band and the cast, followed by intensive week last Monday leading up to showtime on Thursday. What a rush!

There should be lots of pics and stuff that I'll share over the next few days as I gradually get back up to speed on what's been going on. In the meantime, let's start with a couple of promos that were created for the show. First up, a teaser with live footage and pics, courtesy of Taylor Gilbert:

And then I, too, created a little teaser promo, with live performances and pics but pre-programmed music (the band wasn't there that day):

There have also been a couple of articles on the show; firstly this preview in Out In Perth, an LGBTQ website; and then a review of opening night of the show!

Finally (for now) here are some pics of the cast during dress rehearsal, again courtesy of Taylor Gilbert. You may check out more of the photos in his public FB folder. Till my next update... stay tuned!

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