Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Today: A Poem

Oh hey, black dog old friend!
You've been stalking me for a few weeks now
And you've finally decided to lunge and overcome me!
Welcome! Oh the bliss of feeling sad!
Feeling worthless! Like everything's pointless!
And everyone's out to get you and hate you!
Welcome, black dog old friend! I've missed you so!
Where have you been, my old friend?
You've been lurking, beyond the periphery,
On and off for weeks and months now
Without coming too close (or was it I
Who was somehow, through some
Inexplicable mental fortitude, warding you off?).
If memory serves, it was over a year ago,
Last July, that you ravaged me with such
Devastating force. (I still have the shattered
Mobile device to prove it.)
Last July. 2015. Over a year ago.
Between then and today (well, yesterday)
You lurked, and snarled, and threatened
But I was able to say: "BACK! BACK!
But today I'm weak (some would say
I've been strong for too long),
And you moved beyond lurking, and snarling,
To overcome, and overwhelm.

Welcome back, old friend.
Welcome back.
It's been too long. Over a year.

Some would call that progress, nonetheless.

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Still powering through with 2084 as we open in about a month! Yikes! So it's been taking up most of my mental energy these past few weeks. There have also been some minor(?) health issues as apparently my body is reacting to stress by causing some teeth-grinding, which has resulted in me visiting the dentist twice and getting the diagnosis of a possible damaged tooth due to the gnashing. Subsequently I'm now sleeping with a mouthguard thing, which is as thrilling as it sounds. And then there was the twitching eyelid, another sign of exhaustion and stress. When did I become this anxious a person?? Oy! Ah well. On the plus side, chiro at the uni has been helpful in reducing some back/neck pains, so... you win some, you lose some.

Anyway, here's a short promo for 2084 with a sneak-peek of music: