Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Facebook Reposts: Conflicts & Resolutions

Following up on the story a couple of posts below.


Posted 14 June 2016: I should have that conversation with my housemate, urgh. Procrasturbating the inevitable.

Posted 14 June 2016 Sooooo I was bracing meself to have the chat with my housemate on the current roommate situation... and before I could bring it up, he invites me to his wedding in just over a month.

Head. Bash.

So I've told him I'll check my schedule - and haven't yet brought up the living situation. ARGH. ‪#‎whenyourlifeisasitcom‬

Posted 16 June 2016 Time to have that housemate chat. Here we go. Wish me luck.

Posted 16 June 2016So I had the chat with the housemate, and as expected there were attempts to get me to stay and reconsider things. And gawddarn it, it worked!! (Well. There's also the fact that we have a three-month-minimum contract [though usually terminable within 21 days' notice], which I, as a "good person" [urgh], should adhere to.)

On the plus side, there were victories:

* Fiance has to be quiet at least until 1030am! On the phone? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

* I'm encouraged to watch telly, make dinner, do WHATEVER, making a NORMAL amount of noise, even after the housemates have gone to bed (it's an issue because they're usually in bed by 9:30pm; who goes to bed at 9:30pm?!) On the flipside, I can sing and do whatever I want, but again, within a REASONABLE level of loudness (which, you know, is fair enough).

* FIFO guy was sufficiently apologetic and understanding, telling his fiance right there and then: "You must be quiet." HA. I almost felt bad for her. She's not a bad person. Just loud.

*FIFO guy will be going away for 3 weeks soon, and so it will be just me and her again, but with the new directive for her to be more considerate, perhaps this can work. Then they'll be married, and she'll likely be going away (on her own, which is kinda weird) to Taiwan while he continues to fly out for work; and before we know it, come first week of August, fiance (by then WIFE) has to leave the country and apparently it will be anywhere from 12 months to 2 years before she's granted a spousal visa! :O (But that's just a factoid, it's neither here nor there in this narrative.)

So what's the bottom line here? I'm still kinda disappointed that I don't have the place "to myself" when FIFO guy flies out, but what I'll do is evaluate the situation over the next few weeks when FIFO guy is away; I've only got until August to fulfil the contract, after which I can get out of here if I want to.

And there's also the fact that, if and when WIFE is granted a visa, FIFO guy doesn't know if they plan to live here or not... meaning, they could very well move out, though that would take anywhere from the abovementioned 12 months to 2 years before they know. In the meantime, I kinda feel bad for their situation.... to get married and not get to live together? Oy. Works for me, but sucks for them, to put it callously/tongue-in-cheek.

Thus concludes the story for now. Thank you all for reading, but don't go anywhere... who knows, there might be more updates and developments right around the corner... ;)

Posted 17 June 2016: So housemates were up early today (I heard them, because I'm a light sleeper)... but wouldn't you know it, VIRTUAL SILENCE until i emerged from my room circa 9:30am! I'll call that a win! ;)


To add to the Three's Company-esque comedy of errors:

Posted 22 June 2016So FIFO guy's fiance locked herself out of her bedroom.

FIFO guy is away at work. Fiance can barely speak English.

Cue: Nick to the rescue. Locksmith on the way.


Posted 22 June 2016: Aaaaaaand now fiance has left to go hang out with her friends. "Thank you, you help me," she says, leaving me to it. *facepalm redux*

Posted 23 June 2016 So FIFO guy's fiance made dinner for me tonight. I guess that's a start. (I thanked her, don't worry. I'm not an ingrate.) ;)

And it was yummeh, too!!
It's all been relatively smooth-sailing since, so I'm chalking this up to an amusing anecdote and moving right along. Oy, housemates, eh?? Oy! ;) (I'm obviously referring to myself there as well... the people I'm living with aren't bad at all, it's just these growing pains that we had to work out. So if ever FIFO guy stumbles across this post, I hope he reads it with tongue firmly in cheek.) :)

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