Saturday, 11 June 2016

Facebook Repost: Home Sweet Home(?)

So I notice I haven't posted too much about my current (as of time of writing!) housing situation here in Perth. I moved in to the unit in Como just about two and a half weeks ago (on May 24), and met my new housemate Chris. The place is small, cozy and comfortable, and I'd really been looking forward to moving in. But there have since been some developments (more on this below!). Prior to that, however, here are some photos of the place!

My room and set-up!
The kitchen.
Cosy little living room.
Back courtyard thingy.
Obligatory selfie in back courtyard thingy.
So it was all arranged prior to my leaving KL. And then the following development took place, which (at of time of writing) has yet to be addressed/resolved (since I haven't been home much lately. In fact, for most of this past week I've been spending nights at Sarah's place, mostly due to the convenience of going in to uni in the mornings, but also because I'm not entirely comfortable at my new place, and you'll now be able to read why. Enjoy. More updates as and when things develop!):


Dated June 9, 2016So when I secured the room in this unit that I'm sharing with one other guy, I was informed by the dude who was moving out that my housemate would be a guy who wouldn't be here 3/4 of the time as he''s FIFO — i.e. flies in and flies out to work in regional areas of the state — and hence, I would have the place to myself most of the time. Which I thought would be pretty awesome.

However, when I moved in, FIFO guy told me that his fiance would be staying here for a short while, and would continue to stay here while he was away at work. Which, of course, works against my expectations — but this guy is now the head tenant, and he's still paying rent on the place, and I thought, "Oh well, that's a little bit of a disappointment, but okay."

So for the past couple of weeks I've been sharing the space with this girl from Vietnam who barely speaks any English (which is fine), but who's also very loud when she's on the phone with her family and tends to do things like leave used sanitary pads in the bathroom (it happened once and thankfully never again, which even as I type it doesn't make sense because I've only been here for two weeks). Her schedule works in direct opposition to mine — she's in bed by 9:30pm and up by 7am, while I'm... usually... not. She'll be up pottering about in the kitchen, usually making SOME noise, not enough to be TERRIBLY inconvenient but enough to make me aware she's awake.

Recently she told me to move my groceries from the communal countertop to a separate countertop, saying, "You use here, better." I was annoyed, but I thought, "Maybe she means well. Since communication is limited, perhaps she genuinely wants me to have the convenience of my own counter space." So I let it go. (Today she left some groceries and stuff on 'my' counter space, but never mind.) A few days ago she told me off for not locking both the wooden back door AND the screen door: "Not safe". Today I came home and only the wooden door was locked, but whatever.

Last night the Internet went out and when I checked, the wire was disconnected from the router. So I put it back. Today, about 20 mins ago, she comes calling loudly and tells me not to leave the Wifi running overnight: "Too much Wifi, no good for body." I sighed and said, "Fine, I'll disconnect it when I go to bed each night." Which would be very late. And which I don't appreciate having to do. (And which I probably won't do.) It's not just the inconvenience; it's also the sheer audacity of her having disconnected it to begin with, WITHOUT consulting me!

So here's the thing boys and girls: FIFO guy told me she's only staying here "until end of July" WHICH IS A BLOODY LONG TIME. I hadn't banked on living with a couple, even if half the couple isn't around a lot of the time. FIFO guy and Vietnamese girl are getting married "soon" -- what happens next?? DOES SHE MOVE IN? Because if that happens, I'm out. DO THEY MOVE OUT? If so, then I'd gladly be head tenant and find a friend to move in with me.

The point of this story is.... oh, I don't know, I guess I'm just venting. I realise, of course, that my disgruntledness can't and shouldn't be taken lightly and I ought to discuss things with FIFO guy when he gets back. Which I will. I should have raised these concerns earlier, perhaps, but I didn't want to be the newbie roommate who moves in and complains about things. Regardless, FIFO guy is home this weekend, so I'm gearing myself for a talk, but it's not going to be easy because this is the woman he LOVES I'm going to be complaining (even if politely and respectfully) about, and, as he's someone who's lived here longer, I foresee that I might, potentially, be needing to look for new accommodation shortly. Oy.

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