Friday, 4 December 2015

The Lucy/Lidi Saga

Before I go back to recount my month in Singapore (see below; that was quick!), let me tell you the story of Lucy/Lidi.

So a couple of days ago, I had just arrived home from ... someplace, it slips my mind... when I saw a little puppy in our driveway. I coaxed her to me and she sidled up, very sweet and affectionate. Mum was in the garden and so we decided to bring the pup into our yard, where rambunctious little Kerbie immediately tried to play with her new friend (new pup wasn't in the mood).

Little pup had a collar around her neck and she was very well taken care of, so it was very apparent that she had gotten lost. Thus began the whole adventure of me printing out Dog Found flyers, posting them up on our front gate and the rear window of the car, giving them out to pet stores and guard houses, etc. In the meantime, there was the whole Facebook social media spread too; my FB post was shared over 50 times:

Mum and I were immediately taken with her because she was so sweet, and I'd even started to call her Lucy, gearing myself up for the possibility that we'd end up with three dogs again, heheh!

But the next day, thanks to FB, I was informed of a woman named Lynn who had lost her dog, and lo and behold, it was Lucy! (Turns out her name is Lidi, which is close enough; I seem to be slightly psychic with doggy names: Lucy/Lidi, and when I came up with Kerbie my neighbour had planned to call her Kylie!) So I called a very grateful Lynn, who arranged to come by our house to pick Lidi up. Oh, what a reunion that was; the somewhat despondent Lidi immediately perked up the moment she recognised her human and went running to the front door; and when Lynn and her partner came under the porch, Lidi rushed right into Lynn's arms.
Lynn's FB plea
Turns out Lynn and her family had gone out for the evening and had left Lidi alone unaccompanied in the yard for the first time ever. And wouldn't you know it, Lidi had jumped the wall and escaped! She must have quickly gotten disoriented and lost. What's remarkable is that Lynn lives in Taman Tun, about four kilometres and a busy highway away, and yet Lidi had managed to wander all the way to this side of the road unscathed! Oh my, someone was looking out for her! And Lynn revealed that Lidi had gotten lost on Sunday - meaning it had been three whole days before she turned up at our front gate, and one additional day during which she'd been showered with affection and care from us. Lynn had given up hope, she said. And yet it all worked out for the best!

A very happy and relieved Lynn and Lidi!
So they went home, safe and sound, and Mum and I were also wistful and happy and relieved all at once, because really, having three dogs (including one rambunctious puppy) would've been too much to handle. Thank heavens this story had a very happy ending! Lynn later on sent a photo of Lidi saying they would all sleep well that night, as did we:

The only one who might have been sad over Lidi's leaving would've been Kerbie, who I'm sure had been excited about having a new friend to play with (Lidi wasn't too accommodating in the play department, though... and turns out Lidi was about 4 or 5 years old, not a puppy anymore!!)

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