Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Journey That Was (Pt 2)

Here's some highlights from last month's Journeys concert in Singapore. Pics by various people, including and especially Mr Seah Huan Yuh. Also: Joel Low, Stefanos Rassios, Clarence Liew and more! Enjoy — don't forget you can click on them for fuller views.

Setting up the stage for 'Journeys' last month. What's with the cape?
The Singaporean equivalent of "Well, duh". The caped guy's costume every night.
Backstage selfie.
Our stage manager Clarence at work!
Look, ma! Our poster's on the wall!
Putri took a selfie while I tried to take a selfie.
Sitzprobe at work!
We're looking a little green....
More sitzprobing action.

It's showtime!

This guy was truly the star of the show.
More miscellaneous shots by various peeps. :)

And it's a wrap! Great jobs, boys and girls!
I even got a gift from my "biggest fan". I love how much
thought and effort went into the packaging...
Bye-bye wefies: me and Joel!
Me and Terrance!
Awwww!!! *something in my eye*

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