Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Gwangju: Showtime!!

Hey all! Whew, it's been an exhausting couple of days, what with yesterday (Sunday) being our first day in the theatre venue, bumping in and building sets and what not. Today we had the first two performances of Zak Zebra's Malaysian Safari, to audiences of almost entirely Korean kids and grown-ups, which has made for some interesting shows as many of them had to rely on the subtitles and therefore they weren't as responsive as we'd anticipated they'd be! But no matter, I believe the children had a lot of fun at the end of the day!

Yesterday I spent a little bit of time on my own exploring nearby Gwangju, which is pretty happening in that there are shops aplenty nearby. But none of us have really ventured too far since we're all pretty knackered from showtimes and workshops and whatnot. Luckily there has been Korean fried chicken and beer, which we ate till stuffing point tonight! ;)

Not a part of our show... encountered some (fake) giraffe on the sidewalks
of Gwangju, part of the arts festival that we're involved in!
Noodley lunch somewhere...
Squawk! With my costume. I'm a hornbill, apparently. My character
doesn't have a name, so I'm calling him Horny. Squawk!
Selfie with a 'tree' in the background.
Awright, that's enough of the birdy selfies, dude.
Aiman, who plays Yapi, show villain's bumbling sidekick
and world's sexiest Tongkat Ali salesman.

Preparing for the first show today (Monday).
Workshop with the kids after today's second performance.
Join us as we traverse the African... um... Malaysian... uh.... Korean
plain... Where on earth *are* we?! Doh!

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