Saturday, 12 September 2015

Gwangju: The Other Days

Yo peeps, what's up! So yesterday I got home close to midnight after a 12-hour day of travelling back from South Korea. Right now I'm sitting in my bedroom back home, and it's already been kinda tedious being back with the fam, but never mind, let's not go there. Instead, let's rewind the hands of the clock back a couple of days, back to Tuesday, the day after our first couple of performances at the Asian Culture Complex in Gwangju!

We had the day off, so... hmmm. I'm trying to recall what exactly I did but it's kinda a blur, LOL! Oh yes, I hung out on my own for the earlier part of the day, including spending time in a coffee shop called Heep Shop enjoying their 5G(!) free WiFi; and then journeyed one train stop away to have tea with Siti, Aiman and Saf. After that we pretty much just walked and explored the day away, including making a visit to a large departmental store the likes you see all over the place in KL and Singypoo. So... nothing terribly exciting there, arf. And then I think there was more walking and exploring and eating. Especially the eating. Yeah, that's one of the highlights of being in South Korea: the foods, and affordable alcohol. Shame it's not that easy to communicate there, what with English not being a primary language, but we managed to get by (just barely!).

Anyway, Wednesday saw us having two final shows, which we pulled off with aplomb. What's really interesting is how the kids seemed to enjoy the shows even though the majority of them would have had little to no idea of what we were talking about! Then there were the older audiences who would mostly stare at the subtitles on the screen on one side of the stage than keep their eyes on the goings-on onstage, so it's pretty impressive that all in all, the Koreans managed to piece it all together (we hope) and enjoy the show. Based on the cheers from the crowd, and some of the feedback we've received, as well as the enthusiasm of the kids and parents in the post-show workshops, I think (hope) Zak Zebra's Malaysian Safari was a big hit!

Between shows on Wednesday we had a 'roundtable' with the Korean folks as well as a contingent from Singapore, to discuss and chit-chat and give feedback and all that. And then on Wednesday night there was... a whole lot of eating and drinking, I suppose, including some shenanigans at a nearby hip-hop bar, Dozen, where some of us (read: one of us, not me) became the drunken life of the party (more of this below, arf arf!). And then it was off to bed, because on Thursday, my roommates Race, Kee How and I were off to Seoul, the cosmopolitan capital, for a one-day visit. But I'll come back and post more about this shortly. For now, I leave you with a whole bunch of pics from our time in Gwangju, in no real chronological order. Stay tuned...!

Zak, Lola and Themba doing their pre-show warm-ups.

Preparing for the day's shows!
Hyenas (who became wildboars for our show)!
Workshop in progress!
With some of the kids from the workshop.
A backstage view.
One of our many meals!
With Aiman walking thru one of the many shopping districts in Gwangju.
Hmmm, why are the people around us transparent? Eeek.
Beer, baby!
More food! Mmm spicy chicken! Waaay too much spicy food on this trip!
What did I tell you??? We were DYING from how hot some of the food was!
Murky shot of us at the hip-hop bar...

...Where this happened...! :P

More to come...!

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