Saturday, 29 August 2015


Been a while. Right now am blogging from a hotel in Penang, as I'm here for the weekend to network during Borak Arts Fest @ Georgetown Festival. Earlier tonight managed to catch P Ramlee: The Musical at Dewan Sri Penang, which is just as I remembered it (Dewan Sri, I mean, arf).

It's been a rather nostalgic trip, with me paying a visit to Penang Plaza (FIMA) yesterday (where I used to buy my British comic magazines on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, back in my kiddyhood and teens)... it's totally different now, but it just evoked a rather strong nostalgic response. It's funny, I sometimes still dream that I'm heading in to the Times bookstore that used to be there to buy the week's comic books. I guess it's because my subconscious likes to hold on to the times when things were easier, sigh! But anyway.

 More updates to come, fingers crossed! ;) Check back in soon!

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