Thursday, 14 May 2015

Singapore, Perth and Snow Queens!

Hey all! It's been a busy week, what with my last-minute, semi-spontaneous plan to go to Singapore last Wednesday (a week ago), followed by my trip to Perth on Friday morning. So guess where I am now? In my dear friend Sarah's house, sitting on her couch, where I'll be spending the next couple of days, having spent the first few days since Friday in a hotel in the city. Saturday until Tuesday saw us in the theatre most of the time, pulling close to 12-hour rehearsals daily (quite the norm at this stage of any production), and today (Wednesday, one week later), saw us perform The Return of the Snow Queen to a young audience for the first time, whoooo!!

The thrill of "opening day" was marred somewhat by some hoopla in the second act, namely that, due to a timing mistake on the part of the school that had brought the kids, their school bus service had threatened to leave if the kids didn't board by a specific time. Unfortunately, that specific time meant that they had to make Act II a little shorter, which lead to a bloopery moment when several scenes were cut but the musicians (i.e. me and three others) were not warned, oy vey! Cue yours truly, fumbling away, trying to figure out why we'd skipped forward, wondering if I had somehow zoned out or something and had missed entire scenes! Oy!

And the second thing was, poor Jenny had to come to the front and cut the show short before the closing finale song because the kids just simply had to leave (shame on you, pathetic bus service!). So there was a hurried bye-bye from the cast, and the kids hurried outta the auditorium, the majority of them gushing, "That was awesome!!", because, wouldn't you know it, most of them didn't even realise anything was wrong. Heh!!

After the show today I managed to catch up with my old friend Brian, who played one of the Wise Men in the 2005 staging of Follow The Light right here in Perth. Brian dropped me off at Sarah's mum's place, where we had a lovely dinner of baked salmon before catching up on a couple of episodes of Once Upon A Time, leading me to right now, in bed, blogging, going to sleep soon because wouldn't you know it, we've got an early start in the day, plus I'm not feeling entirely 100% well (coughy-sniffly), so I really oughtta go!

So I leave you now with a series of photos from the past week or so. Until my next update (hopefully soon)... see ya!

Prior to anything else, I finally got my portfolio designed and printed,
and the initial batch of 250(!) copies were ready about two and a half weeks ago!
Inside each envelope is a series of cards detailing every theatre production I've done to date!
Speaking of theatre: Wednesday last week saw me, Dom and Michelle
hopping on a plane to Singapore, where we caught 'The Pajama Game' at LaSalle.
Here's a sneak snapshot of the set during intermission, with my friend Mitch Lagos onstage!
Dom, Michelle and I spent most of Wednesday going from theatre company to theatre
company to drop off copies of my physical portfolio. Here's Team NickChoo, looking exhilarated.
Ran into Paul at LaSalle, and here we are, cheesily grinning away!
Thanks, Dom, for keeping me company during the flights back
and forth,and for putting up with my squeals of "I'm scared!!"
In the taxi on the way back from the airport, we saw *this* little
gem of a sticker on the cab window.
It was Terry's birthday last Thursday so we all went out for Japanese!
A little out of sequence, but here's me, Siti and Freddy last Tuesday  after
a record 7-hour meeting (that also include long coffee and steamboat buffet sessions).
Friday morning and I was back on a plane to Perth. Not exactly the most crowded flight.
...but it sure was a bumpy one! Here's my expression through most of it!
The pleasant studio apartment I stayed at, in Goodearth Hotel in the city. 
I'm back in Nexus Theatre for *this* children's theatre show!
Me and my scary new friend Frosty.
Me and my cool new friend Joel.
I obviously pay full attention during production/tech meetings.
Me in sparkly getup as part of the band...
Introducing The Snowflakes - Joel, Katie and Nik (not in pic!)
Joel and Katie rehearsing in the dressing room, as you do.
In spite of the wide selection of percussion available to us, Nik decides
that the Tupperware filled with raw rice makes the best shakey sounds.
Our stunning set!
Another view!
Don't we look sexay!!!!