Monday, 20 April 2015

Road Trips, Ipoh & Hipster Joints! (Which Sounds Like An Anatomical Thing, But Is Not)

So on Friday, I hopped into a car with my friends Amelia and Annabelle and we commenced on a road trip up north to Penang, where I would be meeting, among other people, my uncle (but that's a story that's going to be left largely undivulged on this blog, arf). Here are some pics:

Amelia, Annabelle and me!
Met new friends along the way - Amelia and Annabelle's theatre buddies. They were
on the way up to Penang to perform 'Uda & Dara' at the Penang Performing Arts Centre.
Made a pit stop in Ipoh along the way and hung out at a hipster joint. Here we are,
next to a mural of a big fat woman. You can just see... some body part or other.
Me with 'Uda & Dara'ites. Dara-ites. Dara-rians? Wotevah.
Next to an arty-farty mural in aforementioned hipster joint.
Thinking arty thinky thoughts in this arty thinky-thought spot.
About to dive into a hipster 'ice ball', i.e. shaved ice with flavoured syrups. The vendor
told me: "To eat, you must suck and turn, suck and turn." Ya preachin' to the choir, gurlll.
More to come...

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