Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Food, Kettles, Dollmakers and Seals!

Yo peeps! Just some quickie recaps: Got back from Penang last week, on Wednesday, in my uncle's car after he so generously agreed to let me borrow it for an unspecified period of time. This will be tremendously helpful, since the lack of vehicular convenience (#firstworldproblems) was starting to get on my nerves. Thank you so much, Uncle A! Here are a few more pics from the remaining days on the island before I headed home (even though I also call Penang home!):
This is the electric kettle my aunt and uncle have in their kitchen!
Old-school charm!
Ice kacang at Kek Seng kopitiam to feed my nostalgia!
...Followed by Penang Road Teochew Cendol!
A glimpse of the food feast I had with Dennis and Dominic at Kek Seng!
Seriously, in Penang, all we do is eat!!!
The past few days have seen me doing not that much, arf arf, which makes me kinda regret not sticking about till the weekend, which was when my theatre buddies headed back after their run of Uda & Dara, which I happened to catch last Tuesday (the 21st) at PenangPAC (that's a whole coven of 'which'es right there!). I also totally forgot that I'd scheduled a radio interview for last Wednesday - the day of my return - which caused a little bit of panic on Tuesday night when the production manager of The Dollmaker's Daughter texted me and proceeded to irritate me with a rather rude and unprofessional exchange, but the less I say about that, the better. Moving on, moving on; run along, child...

Speaking of The Dollmaker's Daughter, here's a glimpse of an article that came out in The Star yesterday, yay! Oh, look, I'm quoted in the article. Thanks, Terence T! Check out the full story here.

And on the subject of theatre, here's a quickie demo from The Return of the Snow Queen, for which I'm heading to Perth in about 10 days, eek!! This is performed by the evil characters Bludgeon & Wally, who naturally get their comeuppance in the end. Don't worry, no seals were harmed in the making of this demo, LOL!! And if you listen carefully and are able to decipher the rapidfire lyrics (making this one of the most difficult songs I've written for children's theatre, ever), try to spot my tiny little reference to Supernatural. Enjoy!!

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