Wednesday, 29 April 2015


A beautiful shot of Janet Lee's solo concert and debut album launch last month! Can you spot me among the very talented people onstage? ;) (Penang and Klang Valley folks, check out this link for a list of retailers; and you can also find the album on iTunes!)

Pic by Wong Horngyih

Food, Kettles, Dollmakers and Seals!

Yo peeps! Just some quickie recaps: Got back from Penang last week, on Wednesday, in my uncle's car after he so generously agreed to let me borrow it for an unspecified period of time. This will be tremendously helpful, since the lack of vehicular convenience (#firstworldproblems) was starting to get on my nerves. Thank you so much, Uncle A! Here are a few more pics from the remaining days on the island before I headed home (even though I also call Penang home!):
This is the electric kettle my aunt and uncle have in their kitchen!
Old-school charm!
Ice kacang at Kek Seng kopitiam to feed my nostalgia!
...Followed by Penang Road Teochew Cendol!
A glimpse of the food feast I had with Dennis and Dominic at Kek Seng!
Seriously, in Penang, all we do is eat!!!
The past few days have seen me doing not that much, arf arf, which makes me kinda regret not sticking about till the weekend, which was when my theatre buddies headed back after their run of Uda & Dara, which I happened to catch last Tuesday (the 21st) at PenangPAC (that's a whole coven of 'which'es right there!). I also totally forgot that I'd scheduled a radio interview for last Wednesday - the day of my return - which caused a little bit of panic on Tuesday night when the production manager of The Dollmaker's Daughter texted me and proceeded to irritate me with a rather rude and unprofessional exchange, but the less I say about that, the better. Moving on, moving on; run along, child...

Speaking of The Dollmaker's Daughter, here's a glimpse of an article that came out in The Star yesterday, yay! Oh, look, I'm quoted in the article. Thanks, Terence T! Check out the full story here.

And on the subject of theatre, here's a quickie demo from The Return of the Snow Queen, for which I'm heading to Perth in about 10 days, eek!! This is performed by the evil characters Bludgeon & Wally, who naturally get their comeuppance in the end. Don't worry, no seals were harmed in the making of this demo, LOL!! And if you listen carefully and are able to decipher the rapidfire lyrics (making this one of the most difficult songs I've written for children's theatre, ever), try to spot my tiny little reference to Supernatural. Enjoy!!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Helloooo, Penang! It's Been A While!

Eventually arrived in Penang and treated myself to Cititel hotel, where, by pure coincidence, my pal Dom would also be staying (he's part of the performing arts troupe too; his exclamation about learning that we'd both be in the same hotel was, "Why, God, why???") Here are pics:

I like the ironic beauty of the sign on this quaint old historic building.
When in Penang, pig out!
Met up with *this* mysterious person...
And had late-night chats with Dom. We're getting much too old for this!
Eventually had to check out of Cititel. Boo.
Met up with Kev, Irinna, their kids, and old friends Shaun and Sue
for lunch at Naughty Nuri's (which wasn't all that impressive or naughty).
Now in Sungai Ara. This morning, went to the wet market with aunty, grandma and their
family maid, after breakfast at the hawker square. Now just chillin' at their home before lunch.
More to come... I think!

Road Trips, Ipoh & Hipster Joints! (Which Sounds Like An Anatomical Thing, But Is Not)

So on Friday, I hopped into a car with my friends Amelia and Annabelle and we commenced on a road trip up north to Penang, where I would be meeting, among other people, my uncle (but that's a story that's going to be left largely undivulged on this blog, arf). Here are some pics:

Amelia, Annabelle and me!
Met new friends along the way - Amelia and Annabelle's theatre buddies. They were
on the way up to Penang to perform 'Uda & Dara' at the Penang Performing Arts Centre.
Made a pit stop in Ipoh along the way and hung out at a hipster joint. Here we are,
next to a mural of a big fat woman. You can just see... some body part or other.
Me with 'Uda & Dara'ites. Dara-ites. Dara-rians? Wotevah.
Next to an arty-farty mural in aforementioned hipster joint.
Thinking arty thinky thoughts in this arty thinky-thought spot.
About to dive into a hipster 'ice ball', i.e. shaved ice with flavoured syrups. The vendor
told me: "To eat, you must suck and turn, suck and turn." Ya preachin' to the choir, gurlll.
More to come...

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Little Jo's 24-Hour Malaysian Adventure!

Hello, all. Today and yesterday heralded little Jo's visit from Singypoo, where she stayed at One World Hotel and we had a great time hanging out! By coincidence Josie was in town from Ethiopia as well, so we managed a little mini-reunion over lunch, which was pretty awesome. In fact, today has been quite a good day: complimentary breakfast at the hotel (with a huge scrumptious spread!); lunch with Josie and little Marie; a little mini-adventure with Jo and myself that involved contraceptives (it's a long story that's best kept an enigma, LOL!); and shopping at 1Utama where I invested in a personal blender, heh! Okay, the last item probably doesn't sound terribly exciting... but trust me, it was!

The scrumptious buffet breakfast this morning!
Bathrobing it up Will & Grace style last night!
Josie and her little sweetheart Marie!
Awwwwww, aren't we totally adorable?!
On a totally unrelated note, enjoy these pics of sleepytime Ashley!

Had a bit of an emo mood downturn earlier in the week... nothing says
comfort like a doggy's paw on your leg to let you know things will be all right!