Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy 1501th!

Oh hey, according to Blogger, the previous post below this one was my 1,500th blog post since I launched this site in August 2004! Hahaha! Awesome!

To celebrate, here are some miscellaneous bits and bobs:

So nice to see your name unexpectedly (and happily) mentioned,
and on the same page as a drum roll, no less! Thanks, Aaron!
Another photo of the Zak cast luncheon at Ana Patin House.
Me with a prop from The Dollmaker's Daughter during a photo shoot.
Ashley loves her morning snuggles! (Only it wasn't morning.)
Ugh... they're finally fogging the neighbourhood, what with the
spate of dengue fever cases and all! Nice going, council! #sarcasm
Grew wheatgrass from a kit for my doggy, but she's not interested. I suppose
she's a horticultural elitist who prefers the wild roadside weedy variety.
Joanne, Kevin and Elaine when we went out for ice-cream
at Inside Scoop in Damansara Jaya recently. Yummy!!
Me, Aaron and Adeline at a party thrown earlier in March
by the lovely Peter at his lovely home!
Ashley knows who will give her food if she puts on her puppy face and waits patiently.
Not me, for sure. I'm the alpha dog. She goes to the beta, my brother.
Me going for a walk in the park at TTDI, which - at certain
points - ain't no walk in the park.
Edited to add these pics, thanks to Dom who forwarded 'em to me:

Preparing to play!
Might've drunk a touch too much.

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