Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dollmakered Out!

Ladies and gents, family and friends, please allow me this moment of sheer pride and accomplishment:

By George, I think I've done it! Faced with the challenge of composing the score of an entirely brand-new original musical in UNDER 2 MONTHS — a 2-hour-length, almost-entirely-sung-through, Phantom-esque piece — it's now Day 56 (yes, I've been keeping count) and I've completed the major musical numbers (all 18 of them), fully orchestrated backing tracks, PLUS lead sheets for Act I AND vocal demos!! Not to mention having edited the script and lyrics to begin with, AND further edited the revised lyrics to fit the new melodies!!

There are still some smaller sections of song to go, as well as sections of underscoring and Act II lead sheets... but I think I dare say IT'S DONE!!!!! And that's ON TOP OF rehearsing and performing 11 shows of Zak Zebra's African Safari last month, but NOT counting 10 days being sick/hospitalised for dengue fever. ALL I CAN SAY IS: WHEEEEEE!!!

Now please make sure you guys and girls COME TO THE SHOW!!! (Event details at The Dollmaker's Daughter; ticketing info to come!) Let me celebrate this achievement by sharing a snippet of music from the show, derived from some of the backing tracks with a small snippet of my demo vocals. Enjoy!!!

(PS: Have you checked out lately?)

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