Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Zebras, Birds and Dolls!

Happy New Year, everybody! Okay, I'm a week late. It's 2015, can you believe it? I sure can! It's been a busy start to the new year, what with rehearsals kicking into high gear for the Malaysian debut of Zak Zebra, in addition to a project I've been commissioned to compose titled The Dollmaker's Daughter. The latter has a rather ambitious timeline: the first batch of nine songs are due by middle of the month (eek!), and the second batch of another nine by late Feb. All I can say is: stress. Busy as a mosquito in a nudist colony, as I'm fond of saying! But at the same time it's cool to have some work, which involves composing an entirely original score, editing script and lyrics (dramaturg mode on!), creating backing tracks, recording melody/vocal demos, as well as writing out lead sheets for the singers. Oy vey!!

Rehearsing with the Hyenas from Zak!
"Tell me, oh beautiful land...!"
It was Vale's birthday yesterday! Happy virthday, Bale!
What else has been happening? New Year's Eve was rather low-key, with me working on the music and foregoing festivities. On the 1st, I actually did something new and unusual: I met up with Juan and attended a Baha'i prayer meeting, which was a pleasant enough, if slightly awkward, experience since I'm neither prayerful much these days nor Baha'i. So having to meet new people and socialise within a faith group that I'm not a part of was interesting, to say the least!

The avian-themed centrepieces on the tables at the prayer session,
And oh yeah, on Sunday I met up with Beattie, Josie and Trevor, who were in KL for the festive period, and we got to have a lovely (albeit too brief) catch-up while dining on Thai seafood, yay!! As a bonus, I got to meet little Marie, Josie and Trev's darling baby daughter! Here's a pic of us, taken by Josie's brother Ben:
That's little Marie! And next to Beattie is her friend Steph! :)
I met up with them after making a detour to buy some items to contribute to victims of the recent floods on the east coast, and dropped them off at the donation drive in TTDI, which was a pretty awesome endeavour by ordinary citizens to help others. Quite a huge turnout indeed!
A segment of volunteers at the drop-off location.
Anyhoo, that's about all for now... I foresee that 2015 will likely see slower and less frequent updates on this blog as blogs are slowly becoming irrelevant, heheh... but I guess that's okay. It's time for bed soonish and an early start for more music-making in the AM. I leave you with a couple of sneak-peeks of music from Dollmaker that I've been working on... sssh, don't tell anyone I'm sharing these! Till next time!

Who's awesome? I AM!!!! :P 

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