Friday, 16 January 2015

Weddings, Emceeing and Cursed Mozzies

Hey everyone. Eeesh. has this been a rather bumpy start to the year. We'll get to that in a bit... first, let's recap what I got up to last weekend! Jan 10 was the wedding day of my dear friends Cat and Rik, which started early in the day with a church service at SFX, followed by a reception that evening at the Ritz-Carlton in KL.

My blurry shot of the couple at the altar!
I attended the reception with Joanne, an old friend from my former workplace The Edge (the media organisation, not my musical, arf), and while we were there we hung out with one of Rik's and Cat's friends from the Netherlands, Julien, who was a really fun guy. The best/most terrifying part of that evening was that I was also the emcee for the night, which, for a first-timer, was absolutely scary!! Still, as the evening went on, I found myself loosening up somewhat (also thanks to the "apple juice" – read: whiskey! – some of the others at the table ordered or me, LOL!). And by the end of the night, people were telling me I did a very good job, all things considered. So... yay, me! Here are pics!

Wedding wefie!
With Julien, Joanne and another friend, Eva.
The wedding 'shoe game'.
Why aren't I wearing formal shirt-and-tie more often?!
My emcees' aid: the microphone and 'apple juice'
The rest of the week was seemingly going well enough, with rehearsals at KLPAC and all that, but Mum had actually fallen sick on the Thursday prior to the wedding weekend. By Monday she was admitted to Damansara Specialist Hospital, after a lengthy wait that totalled about six hours while they ran blood tests and whatnot to determine that she had come down with dengue fever. So Mum was in the hospital from Monday until today, Friday, when she finally came home. She's still weak and fuzzy but the doctor says she's well enough, so yay!

Here's where it gets bumpier. On Wednesday, I found myself coming down with achy joints and a really bad fever. Today is Friday, and I'm still feeling grotty. Went to see the doctor yesterday and he says that if the fever persist by tomorrow morning, then I'd need to get some blood tests done too to see if I have contracted dengue fever. Oy vey!!!! Just when this is one of the busiest points in my career, too, with original musicals to write and rehearsals for others to be had. What poor timing!!

Anyway, so that's that for now, boys and girls. Tomorrow I'll find out if this is, indeed, dengue, and if it is, then it's my turn for a stay at the hospital. I hope and pray for the best and for a speedy recovery. Stay tuned for more updates...

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