Saturday, 20 December 2014

I'm Baaaaaack! (Or Am I?)

Wow, boys and girls, it's pretty uncanny how so much time can go by so quickly. Already we find ourselves on the cusp of Christmas, and it's been about three weeks since I got back from Perth! The problem with being a full-time artist (as I've mentioned before, I'm sure) is that the days just meld together, so I do apologise (to both of you who are regular readers of this blog) for the lack of updates. But what's been happening lately? Let's see... when I got back from Perth, first thing that happened was a gout attack that made me cranky and incommunicado for about a week or so. So that happened... :P

The good news is that I'm better now and am getting into the swing of artistic things again, firstly with the aforementioned Zak Zebra rehearsals having kicked into gear (two singing rehearsals thus far, more to come after x'mas); and I've also been catching up with peeps and getting more plans into motion for 2015 and beyond. I've also been asked to help someone with an original musical that she's putting on next May, so I'll be working on the music and helping to edit and critique the script and lyrics in preparation for that. More info on this to come as plans solidify!

Other musical projects I'm currently working on include a potential staging (for next year end) of my boyband musical based on my 2011 Short+Sweet Musical project, Float N'Sync: The Rise N'Fall of the Bad Streak Boys. (The good news is, the new show won't be titled that. The bad news is, I'm not sure the new title, The Ultimate Boy Blend, is any less corny, LOL.) But I've recorded a demo of one of the new songs from the show and put together this little video clip, so if you're so inclined, do click 'play' and enjoy!

I leave you now with some photos from today and over the last week. More updates to come soon, I promise (I think)! Till then....!

Met up with dear friend Cat and her man Rik on Tuesday night. Here we are with a
purple cake. Purple. Cake. PURPLE. CAKE!!!! (Spoiler: It didn't taste as good as it looked.)
A crocodile tableau with a Zak Zebra banner in the KLPAC lobby!
Went to see 'Seussical' at PJLA today. Here's me with some peeps after the show!
...And here's some of the 'Suessical' peeps!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Coming Back Soon...

Still alive and well, don'tcha worry!! Updates to come...!