Sunday, 23 November 2014

Opening, Closing, and Everything Before, After and In Between

Hey everyone, how's it going? So time has zipped by and we've come to the end of EOP, which had its final show last night. You might have noticed that updates have been rather sparse on the show between today and last week, and even the stuff I've put up on Facebook has dwindled a little. Truth is, the process since I've been here has been... let's say it's posed a bit of a challenge, but we'll get to that in due course, when the time is right to expound on it here.

In the meantime, to keep us up to speed with the publicity materials and such that have been going out over the past week, here are two trailers that I put together to help publicise the show. First up, a photo trailer:

Then one with video clips of the cast during live performance:

So the good news is, the show has been a success and everybody who's attended seemed to have love it! In fact, here's a review. I highlight the bit that mentions me:
At Scott [McArdle's] side, composer Nick Choo has put together some fantastic and entertaining songs, and the mixture of the live band and singing provided a professional level of musical theatre performance.
Yay for positivity!

Anyway, so that's over for now; last night there was the cast party (which wasn't without its share of dramas), and today it's been a quiet day just mulling over certain things and recovering from the hangover, lol!! I'll be back soon to possibly put up a more reflective review of everything that's unfolded over the past couple of weeks... but in the meantime, here's to moving on to the next project, which might or might not be a bigger incarnation of the show that just wrapped up!! Stay tuned...

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