Friday, 28 November 2014

Nick, The Social Butterfly

Hey everyone! It's the last day of my Perth trip, and truth be told I'm antsin' to get back to KL and get moving on the next project, which will be Zak Zebra's African Safari! Not like this hasn't been a blast, but I've reached holiday fatigue, that sense of tiredness that comes from being away from home (and not actually doing much holiday-esque exploration here) for too long. So tomorrow morning 640am is my flight back to KL!

The past few days this week have been spent catching up with a number of friends. On Monday I met up with Jenny at uni and we discussed a potential project for next year/2016, which I shall obviously update you about as and when it develops. Monday evening was dinner with my dear ol' buddy Stephen at the nearby Nicholson bar and grill, which was a fun-filled evening with idle chatter and gossip, heheh. Tuesday I made a trip up north to Bayswater to catch up with Alex and Mel at last, and we managed to have a pretty good afternoon chatting over lunch, followed by a splash in their pool to stir us out of our post-meal coma! (Side note? It didn't really.) Fun! Here are some pics:

Al and Mel being all soppy over a scrumptious meal.
Requisite pool wefie. Watch where you're stickin' that noodle, Alex!
Awkward requisite pool selfie.
Lopsided photo of two other friends, Aleesha and Joey, who visited
Dunsinane recently though I don't remember exactly which night, arf.
Tuesday night was an interesting one because I decided at the very last minute to get a hotel room in the city for the night for a little downtime, and so I stayed at the New Esplanade, which was pleasant (and, if I'm not mistaken, the same hotel my family and I had stayed in back in, like, 1990 or something, erk!). So that was a quiet but fun night, though I totally forgot to take any pics of the room, so... that's that then, LOL.

On Wednesday I caught up with another old friend, Paul M, in the city, where once again we chatted about everything and nothing. One thing that's interesting about Paul is that he's probably the only guy I've met on a gay dating/hookup website who is actually my friend today. In other words, I've not cultivated a lot of actual friendships from these sites; Paul seems to be the only one, from nearly a decade ago, so our friendship is a testimony that one would actually be able to make friends through this method of meeting. And in case you're wondering, Paul and I have never hooked up, though that's probably veering into TMI territory. Though there was a semi-drunken night one night many moons ago... but that's best left not recounted, arf/oy! Here's a pic of Paul and me:

I have the feeling I caught up with someone else on Wednesday but I can't seem to place who he or she was, if indeed it happened. So... never mind, LOL.

Yesterday was an interesting day. First off, it was the long-overdue reunion of me with my dearold friend Paul G, who I used to hang out with very closely many, many years ago, having done a number of shows together including Richard III, Athena Emu at the Olympics and Captain Quokka 2005! Sadly Paul and I drifted apart partially due to my immaturity in being able to accept his criticisms of Follow The Light back in 2005, which probably gives you a good idea of how long ago we last caught up. We've bumped into each other now and again over the years but because my usually short visits into Perth prior to this one, we'd never had a chance to catch up.

But yesterday we finally met up, and it was pretty awesome, just like old times. We used to hang out at Red Rooster down the road from uni, so naturally we decided to head there for lunch, which was pretty awesome. And even more awesome was the fact that our conversation was actually really positive and encouraging for yours truly, so here's to rekindled mateships and growing up!

Grrr! Arrrrgh!
After that, I headed to Murdoch Uni where I met up with John K, and we headed into Freo (first time in Freo this visit) for lunch (post-lunch in my case) and chit-chats! At the restaurant we bumped into another mate, Quentin, who I'd met last year doing Zak Zebra. Turns out Q was working there and was about to have his lunch break, so it ended up being a chillout and catch-up session with the three of us, which was pretty fun. Here we are, looking snazzy:

Aren't we pretty??
Afterwards, Quentin and I had a beer on our own before he had to head back to work, so I decided to grab a coffee before heading to the train station to get picked up by Beatty for dinner at Berni and Mike's (are you keeping track? LOL). While buying coffee, I ran into another old friend, Jon L, who I haven't seen since 2010, and we managed to have a nice catchup! Here we are:

Still with that mop of hair!
So after that I took a longwinded bus ride to Murdoch Station (longwinded because I opted to get onto a different bus that took a roundabout route, so that I could kill a little bit of time, arf arf) and trained it one stop away so that Beatty could pick me up and drive us to Bernie and Mike's. There I finally got to meet their month-old baby Katie (such a sweetiepie!), and we also had pizza dinner with Carol and Scott in attendance. All in all, a very good time, and it was lovely to be able to spend some time with the tired new parents before I head home. :) Here are more pics!!!

Beattie's a natural with baby Katie!
Me, not so much.
So that brings us to today, which has included meeting up with Jenny again to discuss the abovementioned project-that-shalt-be-disclosed-in-due-course; followed by a quick catchup and byebye with Sarah; then back to Dunsinane for a scrumptious and typically overfilling dinner with Andrew, Tiff and Stephen. Here we are!

Andrew, Stephen and Tiff! Awww!!
Yeah I am!
Whew, I think I've fulfilled my social quota for the rest of the year!

So that brings me to right now, as I'm sitting in the living room having packed my luggage, blogging and contemplating grabbing some shut-eye before the 4:30am wake-up time to the airport. And  so I shalt leave you for now with all these memories and images, and with the hint-hint that there's still more to reflect on in terms of what went down with Extra Ordinary People, and will most likely be posting my next blog back home! Till then... ciao!

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