Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Long Live Caesaaaaarrrr!! Salaaaad!!

So yesterday marked the end of Cymbeline, with a pretty solid performance in front of the school crowd (and what a crowd it was, too!). All in all, it was a good show and a pretty enjoyable experience (my first time doing Shakespeare in my capacity of composer). The production, however, was marked by some pretty, um, interesting occurrences backstage, which includes up to six injuries to cast and crew members. But before we get to that: here are some pics!

A very exhausted cast after the show.
Packed to the rafters with kids!!!
So here's the run-down of injury-related incidents:

  • Dude sprains (or maybe it was worse? I'm not sure) his thumb doing something set-related
  • Lead actress slips in paint and knocks herself unconscious!
  • Stage manager slams her leg (foot?) in a car door
  • Chorus member injures her wrist climbing down a ladder
  • Stunt coordinator injures his ankle walking (oy)
  • Same dude who hurt his thumb hurts his ankle yesterday, sits down and gets a seizure. No joke.

So... yeah. Apparently it's all about the curse of the Scottish play: somebody uttered the name 'Macbeth' in the theatre, and it all went to Hades. Thankfully all these folks are doing okay, including and especially the lead actress and the dude of thumb, ankle and seizure, so they'll all be fine, one hopes.

Last night I attended my first cast party in years, and it went as well as you might imagine: it starts off fun, Nick drinks too much, grows despondent, says silly things to certain people inappropriately then leaves in a fug of melancholy. Thankfully I woke up today and went, "Nup, I'm over it", and today was a brand new day.

So I leave you now with official cast photos from yesterday. And I'll be back soon with more updates, of course, including of the next upcoming show, Extra Ordinary People, or EOP for short. Stay tuned!!!!!

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