Monday, 3 November 2014

Cymbeline: 2 Shows Down, 1 To Go

Hey all! We're almost at the end of the run of Cymbeline at Nexus Theatre, with two shows done on Friday and Saturday, and one more tomorrow for a school audience. It's been running pretty smoothly, and audiences have been enjoying it for the most part, despite its rather lengthy sequences. Here are some pics from the show:

Sitting in costume at my keyboard when the house is live. That
means the audience is in the house. Which means the house is live.
Here's me with a little bit more of mah costume.
By pure coincidence, mah mate Cat and I wore (almost) the same shirt.
Talk about macabre... we've got a dead body backstage. And later on onstage.
Yesterday I attend the first band rehearsal for Extra Ordinary People. It went pretty well, considering the band were working on a couple of new songs for the first time, and I'm pretty sure there would've been some nerves considering the composer was in the room, LOL. But yeah, it was cool, and it was fun getting to know these people who were playing my music, as well as chill out with director-writer Scott for a little while. Here are some pics:

The band with some cast members. Do you notice that it's a composite photo?
Thaaaat's Scotty!
Post-rehearsal dinner at Nando's!
And I conclude with more pics from Cymbeline, these bunch of shots taken by David Cox. Going to sign off now as we have to get up early tomorrow for our final show, but do enjoy these photos! Till my next update... stay tuned!

The chorus
The Frenchman and Posthumous.
Cloten and the chorus.
The doctor Cornelius and the Queen.
And then there's this guy.

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